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which country do you live?

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Well,this is off topic here..pls dont ask these type of Questions here.. Anyways,I Am From Kashmir..India. @believer brother,pls close the question by giving the reason "Question is off topic" as i cant do it right now.

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i like to know islam in which country is pouplar?pls answer.

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Well..Alhumdulillah..Muslims are in almost every country..but the country with highest muslims are Indonesia,Saudi Arabia,Pakistan,Turkey,Syria,Egypt,Palestine and in a state Kashmir.

(Feb 25 '13 at 05:44) Ubi ♦ Ubi's gravatar image

islam popular in many country most muslim population in indonesia

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Contrary to popular belief, majority of Muslims live in Asian countries, followed by Arab countries, then European and western. there are over 2.5 billion Muslims in the world today. and Islam is the fastest growing religion in both; birth rates, and converts.

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