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Ok so im 13 and i like playing video games i even got a new game and i also like listining to music so i want to know if its harram and if so on a scale of one to ten how bad is it please help!!!!

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You can play game that doesnt involve sex,nudity,betting,blood because Allah messengdr hates blood sport,ponography,easy to You can not listen to music because it is one of shaytan instrument use in corrupting,destroying the hearth.there is no song which drum will not be use or anything one can dance to.the basic of music is Drum and it is to listen to Drum.

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of course not. Islam is not Christianity where everything enjoyable is a sin. you can play games as long as it doesnt demage your health or become addict

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So video games aren't haram but music is haram? I don't get this. There's music in video games, and video games waste more time than music does. How can video games be permitted but not music?

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Allah gave u money to spend them in a wise and halal way. U should not waste ur money and precious time after these things.and music is which involve nudity are haram.

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Adding to what the brother has said before these things are very time consuming so try to avoid spending less time on video games as this time can be used for zikr and praying.

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