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Bismillah i had a dream that there was an empty pool with filled gold bits. Next to it there was a man sitting on a chair. Then i made my way over the pool (walked on it) until i reached the man. Then he blindfolded me gold material. Before he did that i saw a white pigeon then it dissapeared. Everything besides the pool was white eg, the wall, the chair and so on.

any idea of what that might be?

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Walykum salam ...all I wana say is..i dont have any knowledge about the dreams and I am pretty sure most of the people viewing your question won't be having knowledge about it as know that..if a person (who has no knowledge about dreams) says anything regarding your dream (interprets it) and adds a meaning to it (either bad or good) just happens!! please you should not reveal your dreams to a person you dont know, maybe they"ll take it in a wrong way and something bad happens to u (God forbid) hope what u saw would be good for u ..n hope something good happens to you.

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