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aslam o alkaum muslim brother and sister i m not a good muslim my age is 25 year but till now i cant understand about sila how to perform prayer what is sonat what is faraz what is nawfil too even i try many time but i cant rememebr them just think i m new born muslim and i m feling shame on all of these things its wrong from my side and its not good 2nd i have done sex before marrige with my funcy we will merry soon but it was mistake my parents allow me to merry her as soon as possible 2nd her parents ready but they are dealying and i m shamefull and i m accepting this in front of you bcoz i m felling shame tell me if i merry with her so my this sin will removed mean God will forgive me or not 3rd i love with her too much we fight many time and even many time she want finish this relationship but i dont want bcoz i have done sex with her and its a big sin may b she love me too but after done this sin i want make myself perfect muslim so please help me and give me id of a person which will help me to learn pray how to perform it how to done it and what i need to do in my life and we both are in uk she is assylum seeker please pray for her i know i have done wrong bigest sin of my life i dint done this in my hole life even i got many time chance God knows batter then me but i m feeling shame and want done my all work done with God's help thanks

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Subhanalah brother may Allah have mercy on you pargali and may he guide you. How could you say Islam is only quran no sunnah. Have you ever learned about the, Quran or evn read it. What you have said can put u out of Islam.

Allah SWT says repeatedly in the Quran to obey both Him and the Messenger. One example is Surah an-Nisa ayah 59.

Ya ayyuha alladhina amanu ati Allaha wa ati ar-Rasul wa ulu'l-amr min kum. Fa in tanaza'tun fi shay'in fa rudduhu ilaAllahi wa ar-Rasul in kuntum tu'minuna bIllahi wa'l-Yawmi al-Akhir. Dhalika khayrun wa ahsanu ta'wil.

O you, those who have faith, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you. And if you dispute over a thing, then return it to Allah and the Messenger, if you have faith in Allah and the Last Day. That is better and more beautiful of interpretation.

He says that the Prophet (sAas) has been sent to explain the Quran, not just to deliver it (Surah an-Nahl ayah 44).

Bi al-bayyinat wa az-Zubur wa anzalna ilayka adh-Dhikra li-tubayyina li an-nas maa nuzzila ilayhim wa la'allahum yatafakkarun.

By clear proofs and scriptures, and We have sent down on you (O Prophet) the Reminder, that you can explain to humankind what is sent down for them and in order that they may reflect.

He says that people do not have faith if they do not take the Prophet (sAas) as the judge of their disputes (Surah an-Nisa ayah 65).

Fa laa wa Rabbika laa yu'minuna hatta yuhakkimuka fi maa shajara baynahum thumma laa yajidu fi anfusihim haraj min maa qadayta wa yusallimu taslima.

No, by your Lord and Sustainer, they do not have faith until they have you (O Prophet) judge what is disputed among them, then they do not find in their souls any distress at what you have decided, and they accept it wholly and completely.

He says that when He and the Prophet (sAas) have decided a matter, it is not for any believing man or woman to do anything but obey (Surah al-Ahzab ayah 36).

Wa maa kana li mu'min wa laa mu'minah idha qadaAllahu wa Rasuluhu amran an yakuna lahum al-khiyarat min amrihim wa man ya'siAllaha wa Rasulaha faqad dalla dalala mubin.

And it is not ever for a faithful man or a faithful woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decided an affair that there is any choice for them in their affair, and who disobeys Allah and His Messenger, so he is indeed wandering far astray.

He says that what the Messenger gives, people should take, and what he prohibits, they should abstain from (Surah al-Hashr ayah 7).

...Wa maa atakum ar-Rasul fa khudhuhu wa maa nahakhum anhu fa intahu. Wa ittaquAllah innAllaha Shadid al-Iqab.

...And what the Messenger gives you, so take it, and what he prohibits you, so refrain from it. And be in awe of Allah. Surely Allah is Stern of Punishment.

How do we determine what the Prophet (sAas) has ordered, in order to obey it?

How do we find out what he judged in disputes so that we can abide by it?

How do we know what he has decided on matters, so that we can submit to it?

How do we discover what he has given, so that we can take it, or what he has prohibited, so we can abstain from it?

The answer to all these questions is very simple: we look to the SUNNA. If you deny the validity of the Sunna then you may end up disobeying what the Prophet (sAas) has commanded, turning away from what he has judged, rejecting what he has decided, ignoring what he has given, and doing what he has prohibited.

And if you do these acts of disobedience, turning-away, rejecting, ignoring, and doing-the-prohibited then YOU HAVE DISOBEYED ALLAH. It's that simple. It is incumbent upon every Muslim to obey both the Quran and the Sunna. Read the verses I have cited for yourself. What do you think they mean?

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Salaam If you truly love her then get married if nothing is stopping you. It is clear you love her and in islam if two people love each other and promise to stay together forever then that is similar to nikkah. Treat her right and respect her.

Namaaz is:

Fajr: 2 sunnat 2 fars Zuhr: 4 sunnat 4 fars 2 sunnat 2 nafil Asar: 4 sunnat 4 fars Maghrib: 3 fars 2 sunnat 2 nafil Isha: 4 sunnat 4 fars 2 sunnat 2 nafil 3 witr wajib 2 nafil

These are how the prayers work

The best thing is to get married and get ur wife to teach you. It is a good way to create a relationship in marriage with learning about allahswt and gaining a good bond In'shaa'allah

I hope this helps

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You should also pray for forgiveness allahswt is always forgiving.

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thanks hanat but my respected bro now even i touch her she says not touching i said to her many time we can merry parents talking with each other and they will take long time so i dont want waste time and even i dont want take gunh more so mery me but she is not yet ready watting for parents permission even i says to her we can mery its our right she says without wali we cant do this give me some islamic example for guide her

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Everyone starts somewhere.. seek Allahs help, He will guide you inshaAllah, plead for His guidance.

Step by step, slowly you will learn, dont be too harsh on yourself. Balance it out, you dont have to learn everything in one day, but make sure you are learning/progressing. Its best if you can have a daily routines to learn about Islam and the Salah. Khayr inshaAllah.. may Allah guide us.

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Always go to where islamic learning takes place.and learn basic things about islam there. May Allah subhana wat'ala make us

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thanks my bros for kind reply i need ur help about my sin whihc i have done will my GOD forgive me if we both merry soon 2nd i want to b a good muslim after done all of this sin i feel i m not good muslim i need too learn islam i need to b near the GOD and can we merry without wali or not plz help me step by step thanks

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Allah will forgive you of course.. as long as you are sincere and follow the three criteria's:

  1. Feel Remorseful / Regret
  2. Stop Commiting the Sin
  3. And Never Intend to Turn Back to the Sin

Allah says: “Say: 'O My slaves who have transgressed against themselves (by committing evil deeds and sins)! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah, verily Allah forgives all sins. Truly, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [Soorah az-Zumar (39): 53]

Losing hope in the forgiveness from Allah is a sin. He will forgive you inshaAllah I will make dua for you, please make dua for me also :)

Watch this inshaAllah:

May Allah make us among the pious.

JazakAllahuKhayr (Please Rate :)

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To only add to what has already been said. Learn one verse ayat at a time. And apply it. Same with sunnah learn one hadith at a time and apply it. Do what your comfortable with do not overwhelm yourself. Allah subhana WA taala knows best and wants the best for his creation alhamdulillah for the Qur'an the prophet sallahu allahi WA salim and the sunnah !

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you dont need to memorize exact rituals of prayers in order to be a good Muslim. in Kuran the way it describes prayers is just praying to God as it comes from your heart.

neither does it forbid in Kuran that you cant have sex before marriage, unless she didnt want it.

Islam is not hadith. Islam is Kuran. follow Kuran first.

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Why in most of your posts, you answer with only opinions? You don't even use the Quran as evidence. So please read my post below, and do not corrupt this ummah anymore. May Allah guide you.

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what part of my reply above do you want me to prove with ayets?

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