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If you sneeze or yawn in salah, should you say alhamdullilah, or aoothubillah, It seems like a weird question but this happens often. Thank you for your assistance.

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No brother...that would invalidate your salah if u say alhumdulilah or yarhamakullah...i have also heard if sumbdy besides u says Muhamad(saw)...u have to say sallalahu alyhiwasalam aftr u cmplte ur salah..nt in btw ur salah.... Plzzz correct me if I am wrong sumwhrw...

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No you never say anything behind Imam. You are not allowed to say Alhamdulillah or Yarhamukallah when you or someone sneeze during Salaah.

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U should remain silent. You can put the backside of ur right hand to cover ur mouth when u yawn

answered 1.8k2315 Muhammad%20Abdul%20Ahad's gravatar image
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