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I was at age of 8 ! in KSA my fathers friends child became my friend, i was friendly since child, somehow he let me involved in bad activities ! i dont remember how i did started doing wrong things, but i remember it was at age of 8 or 9.

now i am 22, still i cant stop my self sometimes,

I make sometimes some plans how to make my environment clean, but dont know how do i get involves in it(bad habits). I feels lack of power, lack of mental abilities.

i have now my family responsibility, .... ....

is it a hormonal issue ?? most of the time i got feelings when i wake up or about to sleep.

Please guide me the solution, and how can i improve my health. and completely become a good man.

also suggest me a wazefa ..

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Very nicely answered...btw just want to add up..also recite sureh mujadilah every nyt...

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Alhamdullillah I am very please with YOUR answers by brothers in ISLAM .An may ALLAH SUHANAHU-WATAALLAH accept all our prayers .Ameen.

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Dont forget to recite Suratul Mulk every night. Suratul Qariah and Zilzalah and also read the noting meanin Of those SUWAR.may be you can resist from those sin. MAY ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA FORGIVE YOU AND ME AND STRENGHTEN OUR BELIEF AND IIMAN IN HIM.MASSALAM.

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Dear Brother, Countless people suffer from these problems everyday and have a hard time making the will to stop. The only solution to this problem is Salat. Pray your mandatory 5 times and always try to be in a state of Wudu. In your spare moments remember Allah (SWT). Sincerely, ask for forgiveness and try to be among people who are knowledgeable about Islam and learn the Sunnah way of living.

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As-salamu 'alaikum wa ra'hmatullahi wa barakatuhu wa maghfiratuhu. Brother I think you are talking about the argue to musterbate or to watch pornography or to have sex. It is normal for everyone to feel these argues. Allah created us and gave us needs for different things. We should try to fulfil these needs in a halal way. And the halal way to enjoy sex is through marriage. You should marry now if possible. If not then offer nafal fasts as much as you can. They help you to lower your gaze. Also, do some serious thinking about Akhira. What will happen after your death? Will you be able to answer Munkar-Nakir's questions? Are you preparing for the everlasting afterlife correctly? Where will you go? Jannat or Jahannam? What will happen to you on the day of ressurection? Think about the punishments in Jahannam. Are you able to tolerate the punishments in Jahannam? The torment in hell is very severe indeed. On the other hand, think about Jannat. There are so many ni'amats in Jannat. There are also so many ranks. Don't you want to spend your eternal life in a good place in Jannat? Of course you do. Also there will be so much in Jannat. There will be spacious mansions, comfortable places, so many good looking things, a wide variety of extra-delicious foods, then there will be extremely beautiful hoors. And finally Jannatis will get a chance to see the Most beautiful Allah sub'hanu wa ta'ala! It is said that Allah is so beautiful that Jannatis will keep staring at him for 70000 years at a strech! SUB'HANALLAH! Don't you want all these ni'amats? If yes, then you need to prepare yourself. Keep doing good deeds and refrain from sins. Repent to Allah sincerely for the mistakes you have done. Musterbation, illegal sex and watching pornography are some of the most grave sins. As I mentioned above, try marry as fast as you can or offer nafal saums. Also do the following to increase your iman and 'amal - Pray the fard salats with jama'at if you are a male, and if you are a female pray these at home. Always try not to miss a fard salat. Make up any fard salats you might have missed. And for wazifa, I suggest the following - Recite Sub'hanallah 33 times, Al'hamdulillah 33 times, Allahu Akbar 34 times after every fard salat. Then recite Ayatul kursi three times, the last two ayats of Sura tauba 7 times, durood 20 times, sura ikhlas 3 times, sura falaq 3 times, sura naas 3 times, then any istighfar 20 times. Also recite "Laa ilaha illallahu wa'hdahu laa sharikalahu lahul mulk wa lahul 'hamd wa hua 'aala kulli shaiyin qadir" 100 times everyday. After fazar and maghrib salat recite the last three ayats of sura 'hashr. Recite "Sub'hanallahi wa bi'hamdihi sub'hanallahil 'athiim" 100 times after fazar and maghrib. Try to pray a lot of nafal salats everyday. Recite at least one juz/para of Quran regurarly. InshaaAllah these will help a lot.

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