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in my culture(im palestinian) the marriges are held in 4 different cerimonies each one with music and dancing. and here in america the marriges are mixed and the bride weres a tight dress and no head scarf in front of her husbands relitives and the cameramen and the waiters. the point is i dont know how an islamic wedding should be because this is obviously wrong to do so how are they what do you do, wear, and who is invited

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In many parts of the country the bride can cover her head and also wear a veil, also the dress does not have to be tight. I know this because my wife is a seamstress at a bridal shop. It use to be that a white wedding dress signified that the girl was a virgin it doesn't have any meaning now from what I have seen.

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yes i know you dont have too but i wanted to know how the prophet did the marrige and even if the dress isnt tight would it still cover as a abba does i want to know proof from hadith just so i can know what not to do if i ever get married

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also many people put culture over religion i know for a fact that no one in my town would accept to have a wedding without music or have a veiled wife one girl married a man outside the villlage this summer had no music and was veilled her mother was angry at her because she didnt have the wedding she imagined her daughter to have and people laughed at them and said its a one time thing its okay and this is a very bad mindset

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i understand the marrige process i mean the ceremony like how long it should be who should attend what to do when the grooms brothers are there should you decline to were the gold they present you because non mahrams are there its just that so many customs are intertwined with the way my town does ceremonies nothing about the wedding is halalanymore they use too much money have 4 different parties they dont cover themselves i front of nonmahrams peple pile on gold on them they shake hands with everyone who attended and even the sunnah of giving them a meal isnt done at the wedding itself but they give them lunch and that it i would like to know how one should be this day and age using the customs arabs use today based on the prophets sunnah so it can be a modern islamic wedding and i forgot to mention they video tape the entire event and the whole town sees them doing the sinful acts over and over again

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asalam aleykum; Thank God- Nothing has been prescribed in Kuran Had it been So I dont know what wold be the punishment.

I give a little clue.

in Oman(as it should be)after agreement Mahar etc....Man arrange a house then second day female from both sides take the Woman)married send to the house and make their "hooo hooo Indoors) no strangers...and then leave that girl there and Maa salamah.

But NOT Now Allah Yastur

{and they now follow similar to Europeans)

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NasreenA i though you say you were born a muslim and i think you should have attend a kind of islamic marriage. Hmm notwithstanding let me start by: 1. How marriag is arranged, marriage may be arranged in several ways. For example: A. The parents of a boy or girl may look for a suitable partner for their daughter or son. B. The boy may tell his parent that he wishes to marry a particular girl that he knows. If the parent of the boy and the girl approve of the match, the marriage may be arrange. 2. How the marriage ceremony is performed; there are many local custom associated with marriage. However, the islamic requirement for are only four: A. The wali: This is the man who, as guardian of the bride, speaks on behalf of the girl family and gives her in marriage. The wali may be the girl father or any other man appointed by the bride families. B. The giving of sadaqa' a gift to the bride from the groom. It may be money or any kind of gift. It may be of any value as long as it is acceptable to the bride. C. Withnesses: The marriage must be withnessed by at least two very reliable male withnesses. D. Sigah: This is the formal process in whice the groom or his representative asks for the bride hand in marriage, and the bride wali agrees to give the bride, who is then formally accepted. The bride will dress normally as a muslims will dress with some decoration of dress and making up islamically. The prophet(saw) also strongly recommended that a wedding should be publicised. All this is what is done but no dancing except amoung the females and the bride only, not amoung men.

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Assalamualaikum.. Alhamdulillahi Rabbiyal alamin.. i agree with the point Ahmed sallau.. have mentioned. im not married yet :) insyaAllah.. but for me in Islam wedding should be in modest can ask among the imam or syeikh or ustad or people who know better about this matter. insyaAllah.. maybe can help you to find the answer.. insyaAllah..

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