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I am 20 years old and have got a proposal from my parents are happy about it and they have left the final decision to me...I am extremely confused cause I have not thought about marriage, I am still studying and have ambitions in life, and like every girl I want to marry someone I love....this got me thinking if I should say yes to this proposal or wait to fall in cousin doesnt live in the country so I probably wont really meet him that much which is why I am scared that if I say yes and then later on I fall in love with someone else.....I just wanna know if in Islam is it okay for a girl to wait for a life partner whom she wants to share her life Or does agree to an arranged marriage cause that seems like the right thing to do and will make the family happy?

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true love comes after marrigage, believe me sister!

if your family is happy about your cousin I think thats the right choice for you you can't wait for love because love is not something to wait for,,, its sometething that happens suddenly without your choice. even though your cousin is not in the same country, that makes it better for you to focus on your study more... I advice you to pray "istikhara" 3 times and see what happens,and also you maky ask your friends or someone who knows you well to help you in making that decision

wish you all the best sister, NEVER wait for love...

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