through expirence i have noticed that people protest islam more than they protest religions of false gods i see all over the internet if anything has to do with a muslim somone has to bring up terrorism and how corrupt we are but i would expect people that belive in god to respect us because at least we worship god but instead they agree more with people who worship statues are we a more corrupt religion than this or at least do people view us this way? if people practiced true islam it wouldent be like this and how much hate can one person have towards their brother or sister that worships the same God. I would like to hear opinions of muslims as well as non-muslims.

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don't care 'bout them they are trying to blacken Islam.

Allah said: " Their intention is to extinguish Allah's Light (by blowing) with their mouths: But Allah will complete His Light, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it)." (al saff -8)

to know some 'bout Islamophobics and What Does Islam Say about Terrorism? Visit this page


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dear friend you can refer to the meaning of surah baqarah volume2:[17-20] here its written "they (non-muslims) are dumb,deaf,and blind and will never written to the right way" this means whether you persuade them for islam they will not accept it rather those who have been given hidayat by allah.and if you believe that we are corrupt then shame on you for that. shaytan is every where we just have to stay alert that we dont mislead him. afterall so many europian countries are converting in islam.

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NesreenA, I am answering your question now because yesterday there was a question about Osama Ben Ladin that disappeared. Is that how the moderators deal with hard or embarrassing questions? NesreenA, as young as you are most of this is history to you, if you haven't read about it you will not be aware that events ever happened, or how and why they occurred as they did. And when you read of events happening you cannot be sure of the intent of the one writing about the event, pray for guidance. May God bless you.

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@Athanasius I have already explained you about the same question in muslim-mohammadians but it was closed by @NesreenA so you may have not seen that answer i will again repeat it. so that even others can see as well.

Allah will put the whole world to hell even if an innocent person is killed and no one protested. so even I am against these terrorists.

for eg. if you crazy for a mobile, there are some functions in it which you didnt liked but rest all the other features were just amazing and awesome.so you ignore that one wrong feature and buy that phone. so thats how islam is. if you are against terrorism then ignore it and see the good features it has such as hadith of prophet mohammad(s.a.w)pbuh, the holy book quran. the MOST MERCIFUL ALLAH and accept it as your religion. I AM GIVING YOU INVITATION TO ISLAM AND ASSURE YOU THAt THERE IS NO PERFECT RELIGION THAN ISLAM AND THE ONLY RELIGION WHICH IS ACCEPTED BY ALLAH.

and belief me I swear by Allah though we should not swear but Allah knows my intentions. ALLAH will not leave anyone who has killed innocent peoples and that to muslims.

some people have their imaan strong and are not easily influenced by shaytan whereas some have their imaan weak and are easily influenced by shaytan and dont follow what is fard on them(bollywood,hollywood stars etc.for eg.rihanna). maybe these terrorists want to bcome famous and want to put terror in the hearts of the people like ADOLF HITLER but they are putting terror in none other hearts but themselves.and sometimes even shaytan persuades them to do so.

so forget about terrorism brother and see the happiness you get after telling SUBHANALLAH from your heart. you will really be reliefed.

ASK MORE QUESTIONS BROTHER FROM ME SO THAT I CAN lessen YOUR DOUBT AND CONFUSION through the guidance of ALLAH and whatever i said above it is all written in quran shareef if you want from where i found it then ask me i will give you the verses or you can see the comment muslim-mohammadians.

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jealousy/ignorance/stereotype/prejudice/misunderstanding + bad examples/acts created by some Muslims which r enhanced in the view of others

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asalaam aleykum

since the time of our beloved Prophet was as it is now so If i may say this is our part of JAHADA i mean Juhud, Practrice Islam as per Kuran and Sunnat Rasul.

these criticism will never end....(God knows the Best)

It would have not be like this Had WE Muslims acted(by deeds) according to Kuran People will Love to join and hate to be crticize.

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i meant as in the whole terrorism thing people act like its the basis of our religion and everyone incourages/want to be one

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If you Google "terrorist" you will get list after list of violent acts and murder committed by muslims against both civilians and military, if you Google terrorism against muslims you get pages of web sites claiming that Islam is a peaceful religion. Who really has the blinders on? Osama Ben Ladin was considered a devout muslim, he was also a war lord and a terrorist(see the book by Carmen Ben Ladin). There were muslims in the World Trade Center when they were destroyed, what does the koran say about muslims killing muslims?

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