(10:47) A Messenger is sent to every people; and when their Messenger comes, the fate of that people is decided with full justice; they are subjected to no wrong.

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every ummah has a prophet and long ago each ummah used to forget islam and no trace would be left of the true religion so Allah would send a new prophet to convey the message again untill muhammad was sent and he was the last prophet and we are his ummah so we do have a messenger it is muhammad and there is still traces of the true religion it is the quran it hasent been changed or altered so we dont need another messenger the proof is all here that is why Allah made sure the quran was protected so muhammads example could be the last and most powerfull

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A Messenger is sent to every people (10:47) A Messenger is sent to every people; 55 and when their Messenger comes, the fate of that people is decided with full justice; they are subjected to no wrong. 56

Quote: *55.

The Qur'anic expression ummah is not to be taken in the narrow sense in which the word 'nation' is used. The word ummah embraces all those who receive the message of a Messenger of God after his advent. Furthermore, this word embraces even those among whom no Messenger is physically alive, provided that they have received his message. All those who, after the advent of a Messenger, happen to live in an age when the teachings of that Messenger are extant or at least it is possible for people to know about what he had taught, constitute the ummah of that Messenger, Besides, all such people will be subject to the law mentioned here (see verse 47 and n. 56).

Quote: In this respect all human beings who happen to live in the age which commences with the advent of Muhammad (peace be on him) onwards are his ummah and will continue to be so as long as the Qur'an is available in its pristine purity.

Hence the verse does not say: 'Among every people there is a Messenger.' It rather says: 'There is a Messenger for every people. ' *56. When the message of a Messenger of God reaches a people the stage is set and they are left with no valid excuse for not believing. Everything has already been done to communicate the truth to these people and so all that remains is to wait for God's decision to inflict His punishment upon them. And so far as God's judgement is concerned, it is marked with absolute justice. All those who obey that Messenger and mend their behaviour are deemed worthy of God's mercy. On the contrary, those who reject his teaching are considered deserving of His punishment, depending on God's will, both in this world and the Hereafter.

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"a messanger is sent to every people"---- allah states that he has sent messangers to every nation of this world wether it be in east or west or any corner... "and when the messanger comes"-------- messenger comes he brings along a message from allah few accept it and many dont..... "the fate of the people is decided with full justice"------ and when allah brings them for accounting of there deeds he does complete justice with them....... "they are subject to no wrong"------ allah shows mercy towards them and forgive them for most of their deeds and according to his will and their deeds he punishes them.... i hope u vil read the whole of that sura to understand the context better

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prohphet mohammed (pbuh) was not sent for a particular nation or an area he was sent as a prophet to whole of humanity.... prior to him the prophets were sent to a nation or a group or a race but allah himself says in glorius quran that our "prophet mohammed(pbuh)was sent as a mercy towards the entire world and quran is the final message from allah" and if there is no message to be sent by allah then how would b there any new messanger..... yes dajjals vil come up saying that we are the messangers of allah

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asalaam aleykum thank you Your answer is not to what I wanted to know even the verse is clear...am waiting.- (10:47) A Messenger is sent to every people; and when their Messenger comes, the fate of that people is decided with full justice; they are subjected to no wrong.

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