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is Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) still have relatives or raises in Arab country or in Asia just newly converted to Islam? is people can see him in dreams? is person can be really guided in learning Islam though special creature? hope you can answer it true beliefs in Islam... thank you...

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just please need some information who can answer this all question i prepared?

(Mar 02 '12 at 06:19) nur_ayesha_27 nur_ayesha_27's gravatar image

getting an overview of your Q but couldnot understand the core of the Q

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wa aleykum salaam,

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) Last Sermon.

I leave behind me two things, the QURAN and my example, the SUNNAH and if you follow these you will never go astray. 1. You will be luck one if you see him, Yes people have seen him not once.

  1. No creatures to what you mean but A human teaches another and the IMAN will never enter in your heart unless ALLAH (Jala jalaaluhu) wish.

And about having relatives)offspring).......possibilities Yes....but converting I cannot comment

however if you will re read surat Alam Nashrah laka sadrak...(you will get better from Kuran as it is that Surah).

thank yopu

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yes thats what i also thinking, but some other brother and sister claiming that they saw Prophet Muhammad in their dreams... and they've learned Islam deeply by more ahead that human,,,, very confusing topic... but i believe that Prophet Muhammad already in Jannah, which in heaven and if somebody already there they can never out, am i right? and the Quran is the last thing Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) leave in this world. one more thing brother/sister please be specified and explain well, i just converted, so i also learning...

(Mar 02 '12 at 08:20) nur_ayesha_27 nur_ayesha_27's gravatar image

i stated as some people did saw him (in dreams) to be in or out of Jannah That is Allah's wisdom

(Mar 02 '12 at 08:31) abjad abjad's gravatar image

brother/sister can u please write what written in surat Alam Nashrah laka sadrak... thank you...

(Mar 02 '12 at 08:39) nur_ayesha_27 nur_ayesha_27's gravatar image

wa aleykum salaam; am sorry today i bit busy will you kindly Remind me some other time?

Is there any internal message column here?

(Mar 02 '12 at 08:53) abjad abjad's gravatar image

i really have no idea, brother/sister..., but anyway thank you for your time... i appreciated it... thank you

(Mar 02 '12 at 08:56) nur_ayesha_27 nur_ayesha_27's gravatar image

Salam Ayesha,

It has been proven through numerous reports from the Sahaba(ra) to the Tabiyeen(students of Sahaba(ra)) and Taba tabiyeen(students of Tabiyeen) that Prophet Muhammad(saw) comes in dreams and guides people. I know people who converted to Islam and saw him in dreams. There were people who were confused about matters and RasoolAllah(saw) came in their dream and guided them. One of the most famous incidents is that of Uthman(ra) the 3rd Caliph where he saw not only RasoolAllah(saw) but Abu Bakr(ra) and Omar(ra) in his dream before his martyrdom where they informed him that he will be breaking his fast with them.

Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamah(also called Sunni) the main body of Muslims believes Prophet Muhammad(saw) like other Prophets(as) is alive in his grave. And we know from Sahih Ahadeeth that the bodies of the Prophets(as) are preserved and the earth does not consume them. Numerous Sahaba(ra) bodies have been found to be intact centuries later including Martyrs.

One thing to keep in mind is that Prophet Muhammad(saw) can come in dreams but if this happens and the person talks about matters like the person doesn't have to pray anymore or pay no zakat etc then this dream is from Satan.

Also i would recommend you learn your deen from a qualified teacher and not from a Forum where most people do not know what they are talking about. Taking knowledge from inadequate sources is not what the Quran teaches.

{Then ask the People of Knowledge if you do not know}, [Soorah an-Nahl, Aayah 43 and Soorah al-Anbiyaa., Aayah 7].

If you want i can set you up with a qualified scholar who will be able to help you in learning deen. Where are you from?


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waalaikum assalam,

     thank you for the information, well i am from philippines just converted last december and learning at 1st by Imam then because its really far i decided to learn tru net and my book of guidance(not yet the from the Quran coz its so confusing to deep to understand)...thank you for the offer InsyaAllah it helps...
(Mar 02 '12 at 09:09) nur_ayesha_27 nur_ayesha_27's gravatar image

I would recommend this site for questions you might have. This site has good articles on a lot of controversial subjects.

Also if you have questions regarding Haram and Halal i would recommend

Since Philippines is predominantly Shafi'i in Fiqh(jurisprudence), you can ask Shafi'i scholars on this website for answers.

(Mar 02 '12 at 09:49) Talib Talib's gravatar image

thank you... i just type it the Shafi'i scholars? thank you

(Mar 02 '12 at 09:56) nur_ayesha_27 nur_ayesha_27's gravatar image

yeah, you have the option of choosing Hanafi and Shafi for answers.

Wa Salam

(Mar 02 '12 at 10:17) Talib Talib's gravatar image
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