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Please help. Latley i have been questioning my faith which is what i was born into (islam) I want to stop and have pure faith please give me advice on how to have faith in Allah and how to do my research. thank you

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Wa 'alaykumussalam wa ra'hmatullah. Faith is something that you have to believe in , you are not suppossed to prove it . You should think that islam is the only true religion . I suggest you should think about the way everything has been created , like if there were no creator , who created in this way ? Who gave us the ability to think , to see , to hear , to talk , to walk etc ? All this didn't happened by itself . Our creator Allah created us this way . He sent many prophets (may blessings from Aallah be upon them) to show us the true path . Believing this is a part of faith . You should read quran more and more . Recite "LA ILAHAA ILLALLAH MUHAMMADUR RASULULLAH (sawllallahu 'alayhi wa sallam)" all day long. You should go to the mosque and ask the imam about this .he might be able to help you . I'll pray for you . May Allah forgive you and show you siratal mustaqim and grant you jannatul firdous . ameen.

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Salam! here i am giving you link of webpage where there is almost everything is available related to your question...Its an authentic Islamic site.....

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