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assalamu alaikum,

I have a question in regards to abortion. I am a young mother and I currently have 2 young children, I am pregnant again and it was an unexpected pregnancy. I am only 5 weeks at the moment and I am considering medical abortion mostly because I am finding it very hard as it is with two very young children and my intentions where to have another in a couple of years time. I am afraid that I may become mentally ill after having another so young and so soon. my health at the moment is not 100% as I find it hard to make time or even have a moment to myself. I understand I have obligations as a mother and wife therefore I believe I need to have my insanity and health.

please I am asking for the right advice as I do not wish to do anything wrong by Allah, and I only wish to please Him.

thank you

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Salam! Ulama-e-Kiram say about your question that if pregnancy has got life in it or it has passed 4 months in pregnancy then you can not go for abortion otherwise you can abort pregnancy...

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Assalamu alaikum,

I understand that, however my concern is if I will be punished for having an abortion in general, even though my sanity may be a big problem mostly after I give birth as it was for my pervious pregnancy.

please I need quotes from the Quran and hadiths i need proof as i fear the punishment of that allah might bestow upon me if i this is a sin and if my reason to have the abortion isn't a good enough reason at all!!!

thank you

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I think its clear and obvious that if the pregnancy has got life in it then abortion is sin otherwise its ok......or you are talking about something else?

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I disagree. Why because Allah subhana WA taala is who give her this child if he does not want her to have it he will take it back. Right? All power is with Allah subhana WA taala.

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I am only 5 weeks. and I understand that its still a sin but however if it is after 4 months once the fetus has a soul then it then becomes murder?

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Its not about your and my choice we have to follow our Islamic Scholars......i placed the information what Sharia says about the question....and you know saying no on the forum is very easy then experiencing the situation by your self....So do not give your own opinions but suggest authentic Islamic information which our great Islamic Scholars had passed on to us....

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Walikum Assalam

Consult a doctor, and ask the doctor whether your life will be on stake or not while giving birth. You will be mentally ill after giving birth doesn't make sense to me as you are worrying about the future which you don't even know so you can not Kill a life because you have some doubts.

And kill not your children for fear of poverty. We provide for them and for you. Surely, the killing of them is a great sin. [Holy Qur'an 17:31]

kill not your children because of poverty - We provide sustenance for you and for them; come not near to Al-Fawahish (shameful sins, illegal sexual intercourse, etc.) whether committed openly or secretly, and kill not anyone whom Allah has forbidden. [Holy Qur'an 6:151]

However some scholars have said that abortion is only allowed in a situation of life and death for the mother and when the mother is not around 4 months pregnant because by that time the soul has entered the embryo. For more visit the following link,

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The soul enters the baby after forty days of being pregnant. (Ten weeks) NOT FOUR MONTHS

(Mar 01 '13 at 08:46) hanat hanat's gravatar image

Indeed that's just what I was thinking good looking out sister:)40 days which is 5 weeks 5 days .

(Mar 01 '13 at 08:55) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

Why providing guesses like Ten weeks or 5 weeks 5 days? do you know on the sixth week of development only the bone structure begins to develop inside the embryo.

And After four months have passed, the newly formed organs of the embryo, including the heart, begin to operate and the glands begin to secrete. The embryo becomes "alive"

However, you can get from my answer that I am also not in favor of Abortion.

(Mar 01 '13 at 12:22) believer ♦ believer's gravatar image

thank you for that link and your opinion I really appreciate it.

(Mar 02 '13 at 02:08) natalie111 natalie111's gravatar image

All Praise and Thanks be to Allah (S.W.T).

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There was a story very similar to this situation. One day a lady found out she was pregnant with her first child she was over the moon have birth to a baby boy and began life as a parent. She then found out after three months she was pregnant again with her second child. She went to the doctors and asked if she could have an abortion, the doctor as why and she stated as she already had ome young child she felt she would not be able to cope with another as the first baby was still of a very young age. The doctor thought for a moment and in response looked up and said he had a great idea. He stated he kill the baby in her arms that was only a few months old so that way she would have time to relax before the second child came along and wouldn't need to worry about the first one. This shows the moral of the story. Just like she was excited and happy with her first baby she should also be willing to do the same for her second baby. Think about what you are doing with your brain. This is not a good thing to even think about. It is selfish. You have two already a third child won't harm u as u have the experience and knowledge from the first two. In islam if the mother is not at no health risk whilst carrying and having the baby and her life isn't in any danger then abortion shouldnt even be a thought. If you want to please allahswt snap out of this feeling sorry for yourself mode and be grateful for what you have. Allahswt has given you this third child for a reason. Dont see it as a burdon see it as a blessing

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I advice you not too. After all Allah subhana WA taala is who has given you these children. They don't belong to you rather belong to him ! If your having troubles seek refuge in Allah subhana WA taala , I know it's not easy being a mother! This is your jihad your struggling striving for the sake of Allah subhana WA taala . Allah does not burden anyone with what that which they can not bare. Right my sister? You are a strong beautiful mother in Islam at which paradise lies at your feet. Subhana Allah ! Insha Allah this helps you :) Salam alaykum sis

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thank you so much I really appreciate your words of advice. I understand what you are saying. every time I think of abortion I cry and cant help but feel ashamed also I am a revert and I love my religion, i do not have my family around me which makes everyday even harder for me. I love babies and children but I feel as though I just may go a lill crazy as I have seen a physiologist and has said I have depression and anxiety which I do have anxiety attacks often.

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Wa Alaikum Assalaaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakaaaatahuuuuu.. May Allah {S.w.t} show u the right path..Aameen.. Pls dont kill ur baby as he hasnt done any sin..what is his crime.. Pls have a luk on below story:

A Worried Woman Went to Her Gynecologist and Said: 'Doctor, I have a Serious Problem and Desperately Need Your Help! My Baby is Not Even 1 Year Old and I'm Pregnant Again. I don't Want Kids so Close Together. So the Doctor Said: 'Ok and What Do You want Me to Do?' She said: 'I want You to End My Pregnancy, and I'm Counting on Your Help with This.' The Doctor thought for a Little, and After Some Silence She Said to the Lady:'I Think I have a better Solution for Your Problem. It's Less Dangerous for youToo.' She smiled, Thinking that the Doctor was Going to Accept Her Request. Then She Continued: 'You See, in Order for You not tohave to Take Care 2 Babies at the Same Time, let's Kill the One in Your Arms. This way, You could rest Some before the Other One is Born. If we're Going to Kill One of Them, it doesn't Matter which One it is. There Would be No Risk for Your Body if you Chose the One in Your Arms. The Lady was Horrified and Said: 'No Doctor! How Terrible! It's a Crime to Kill a Child! 'I Agree', the Doctor Replied.'But you Seemed to be OK with it, So I Thought Maybe that was the Best Solution.' The Doctor Smiled, Realizing that he had Made His Point. He Convinced the Mom that there is No Difference in Killing a Child that's Already been Born and One That's Still in the Womb. The Crime is the Same! If you Agree, then pls dont do abortion.! "Love says I Sacrifice Myself for the Good of the Other Person. Abortion says I Sacrifice the other Person for the Good of Myself..

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The life growing inside you was decided upon by Allah swt. Don't you see that? We are never in control of anything. We plan things but only Allah swt's plans materialize. U should not abort for the sake of yr sanity. If this pregnancy put u in a life threatening situation then it would be a different story.

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thank you for all your opinions and advice. I understand what you are all saying and have taken everything into consideration. As a mother that only a mother could understand the hardship that a mother goes through and I am only 21 I got married very young and I am so grateful for my healthy children, my husband even sees me struggling as I do not have a moment for him.

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