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Hi I am a female Muslim I wear the hijab and I always wear my coat so that I am covered. I don't wear makeup or anything like that. I am in university and I was sitting in a public room with my friends and one of our non Muslim male classmate came and sat and started to talk . I didn't say much and I don't interact with this person much. He made a comment involving me infront of me and my friends which made me feel very uncomfortableand guilty and disgusting. I what to get closer to Allah by being a good Muslim but this persons comment makes my feel awkward infront of my friends and I feel dirty and disappointed with myself. I want to know how to deal with this and how to tell this person not to talk about me in such a way please help new

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Actually you have not written what he said to you which makes it difficult for the respondent to give a precise answer. You wear Hijab to please Allah (S.W.T) and not people around you, he is a non-believer which means Allah (S.W.T) have not given him guidance (Hidayah) yet, he is ignorant so I would advice you to ignore him and his baseless comments. And say to him that he is showcasing his religion, and you think his religion have not taught him manners to respect others religion.

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The comment was not about the hijab. It was an inappropriate comment about me and not my religion . I also cover myself appropriately and I'm quiet. I was not sure if it was a joke he is known for his inapproiate jokes But thank you I will ignore it this time

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If the comment wasn't on hijab then you shouldn't have mentioned it because it creates doubts when you create a scenario like you wear hijab and coat to cover. However to the question, Islam doesn't encourage this kind of jokes which are based on lies or insulting or embarrassing for others, its non of your headache that he is known for his inappropriate jokes its nothing to be proud of but shamed of. Ignore him or if he continues to crack jokes on you then told him strictly not to do that and do not try to be free with you, and if required involve parents and teachers as well.

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you shall seek refuge to Allah from the whisper of satan coz sheytaan always put doubt in our mind ,otherwys I think u shall ignore his comments

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Ignore him, if that dont work, confront him and let him know in a good manner. Dont show any irritation or anything alike.

Perhaps something like this "Sorry, I just wanted to request something. I would prefer you didnt say such and such, and i think its better we didnt talk".

You may find better words, but you may need to confront him at one point, if you cant ignore him completely that is. Also, when you do confront him, go with a friend.

May Allah guide us inshaAllah and make us among the pious.

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