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what should I do when I got these type of sms? "send this islamic sms to 12 people and get a good News in 12 hours and if U ignore this message u will be in troubles" .... Plz answer me JazakAllah

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Brother,just ignore these messages..keep trust on Allah {S.w.t}.. It is a Bid'ah or Innovation.just ignore.

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don't forward these types of messages. They can not harm you, Islam is the religion of Peace.

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Definitely dont passed them on, you could be sinful if the SMS is a silly lie. Things like this can cause problems, a Muslim makes many mistakes, but a Muslim does not lie.

I have received things like, a women saw Muhammad (S), blah blah blah and then she became very healthy. Send this to this many people and you will get good luck. LIES. I ask them how they've authenticated it.. and then tell them why its wrong without authentication.

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edited Mar 02 '13 at 16:14
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