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Quran- Translation of the Meaning: (10:47) A Messenger is sent to every people; and when their Messenger comes, the fate of that people is decided with full justice; they are subjected to no wrong.

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It means Allah never punishes anyone without informing them about himself through a messenger from them with a message that is written in the language that they speak so it will be easy for them to understand, those who reject the message are punished by Allah when He proves to them through His messenger and they are not wronged in anyway by receiving what their own hands have earned that is why Allah have said here, 'the fate of that people is decided with full justice' and it is just like Allah says in sura 25 v37 'And the people of Noah - when they denied the messengers, We drowned them, and We made them for mankind a sign. And We have prepared for the wrongdoers a painful punishment'

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it means that allah sent a prophet to every ummah once the true message of islam was completly lost or altered then a new prophet was sent to convey the message and the reason is because now there is evidence and everyone was taught about the true religion so now they can be judged to full extent and they cant stand in front of their lord saying i didnt know the message or that they didnt know right from wrong

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