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either someone will bestow you a great boon or you will conquer the world

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@pargali - did you just read my previous dream where I wrote that I saw a dream during fajr of apples, fresh apples in line...yeah is boon the interpretation of apple in dream?

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yep it also means conquest

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you achieve victory but the result of this victory will be shadowed by a temporary hardship

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We don't have much knowledge about dreams . Some prophets (may blessings from Allah be upon them ) and some ulemas(may Allah have mercy on them ) had some knowledge about dreams .the one who will give wrong interpretation of dreams might be punished . So i suggest if you really need to know the meaning of this dream , you should go to an alim who is skilled in this category . Do not post this kind of question on this site because we don't have perfect knowledge about dreams .

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