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But I don't know whats written in my fortune? I really wish that somehow Allah answers my wish and this guy marries me. The difficult part is none except that people had refused to marry me because of my degree from correspondence. I am worried, but I am praying hard, I know that Allah is great and can give us anything we wish for. But I need to know a supplication by the help of which my wish can be fulfilled soon? I also believe in dreams that come from Allah, those give us a feeling that these are true dreams. I saw beautiful dreams, but I took out interpretation for the wrong guy whom I don't want to marry. I am assuming that those dreams where suppose to be for this one whom I want to marry. Like I saw a gift in my dream and it was shiny, so I received a proposal and this guy wasn't all so good, still I interpreted my dream as such that probably this could be the guy? But when I encountered the one whom I want to marry, I feel as if my those dreams in past where about this one whom I want to marry actually. So please help me, what could my dream mean?

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God bless you sister, I am in the same situation with someone I want to marry. Any good dream is a gift from Allah, and it can be a sign as well. A way to ask Allah for help in matters beyond our reach,is with Salat al istikhara. This prayer is used in many tough decisions in life, in which we know only Allah can tell us what is best. Read up on how to make this salah and the dua that follows.

As for your dreams, I am not a scholar for interpretation, but if you feel strongly one way, then this could be one of Allah's signs, and he knows best. I hope this helps, Wasalmuwalaykum.

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Pray Istikhara frequently. And study Istikhara, some people have misunderstood how it works.

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a person in a dream might not be the exact same person who you know in the waking life. people in dreams have different represantations from the real world. sometimes same, but not always. not all dreams are what they represent. you should get married with the guy that your heart sees appropiate, not your dream or fortune.

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