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Salaam,there is a man who wana marry me,he already made his intensions knwn 2my parent,parts of his reason is cos he sees dat im religious nd inshaAllah we hope 2get married @ d end of d year,bu he his a new convert although he was b4 we met..he is not strong in the religion yet bu im trying my best wit Allah's help 2 hlp him in d way i can and Alhamdulillah evrytn is movin question is can i marry such a person who isnt strong yet nd does not knw most parts of d Quran?? Although he reads islamic books nd the tins he tells me about how he want his children to be religious wise are very impressive..pls hlp me out..jazakallah!

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Salam , sister in islam . If he is eager to become a good muslim , it can be expected that he will learn quran sooner or later. What you should think about that is he a mumin ? If he has said shahada and has belief in it and follows the path of islam, then you can marry him. But you should think about his character first , because there's no telling what happens to his behaviour after marriage . So you should think before you leap.

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if he has converted to Islam its enough. you dont need to convince him to memorize the whole of Quran.

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