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Salam,pls is it mandatory dat one takes ritual bath after foreplay without sex? I.e after kissing and romance nd there is a release usually like a mucor and has no colour..pls must we take janaba? Even witout having sex?

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There is a detail explanation and conditions, which I can provide if you will ask. But the shortest answer and which seems right to me is that,

When one is confused that if he released semen or other fluid, then he should look at if he has released it due to sexual desire, and if yes then it is considered semen and he has to perform Ghusl .But if he has released fluid and it was not due to sexual desire then it is not considered as semen and he doesn't have to perform Ghusl.

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there is no janaba read what he said has no colour meaning it is madihi not mazihi ie semen if it ws a semen it would appear milky in color so u only was ur penis that all

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it is, but if these rituals are getting in the way of your relationship with your wife, you better not do it at all. rituals lose meaning if you are doing it only for the sake of doing it. are you trying to fool Allah? just do it, you can go and clean up and pray later

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are you only hope?? Sure seem familiar..

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Salam . Janaba bath becomes compulsory for both husband and wife during sex only when a man inserts his penis inside his wife's vagina . If they only kiss and cuddle but doesn't have penetrating sex , and if there is no release of semen , then they do not have to take janaba bath .

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