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Hi my mom doesnt weair the hijab and we own a resturant that sells pork and mom wants to wear the hijab but cant because we are worryd if we tell anyone that we are muslims that we will stop coming to our resturant and we will go bankrupt because we are on vary thin ice right now so my mom needs to wait for me to grow up and get a good job so she can wair the hijab and if she were to die where would she go becasue she prayes every prayr time whenever she can she even remindes me when im on the internet to learn how to pray and my dad wont pray and has been very angry maybe because he has alot of stress but i hate to see him not pray because im scared he might die before he starts to pray so how can i help him start to pray?

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i dont think Allah will condemn you if you sell pork to survive. after all it is allowed in Quran to eat haram if you are in a dire need, traveling, strving or in an emergency situation. so if the only alternative to selling pork for you is starving, than you should be allowed to sell pork.

a good way for you would be to start looking for other jobs. when you find something that allows you survival you can quit the restaurant. or just turn the restaurant into a vegeterian place or organic food. and cook something other than pork.

we Muslims do many things that are haram in order to survive. we drive cars that are filled with the oil for which the blood of our brothers have been spilled for. we eat the frozen meat from supermarkets. we eat meat without questioning if the name of Allah has been spoken while its being cut. we eat the meat that comes from factories that hurt the animals a lot. some pills that come from central medicine factories contain pork gelatine. most choclates include an alcoholic solution. these are all haram, but there is no alternative. Allah forgives if you are doing your life struggle.

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Salam alaikum,it is beta to liv all pursuit of lyf 4 d hereafter for this world is temporary..tell ur mom to quit d restaurant for anyone who sells haram nd earns,is definatly earning in d wrong way,if she quit d restaurant 4 d sake of Allah,inshaAllah Allah wil provide a beta job 4 her.let her face her deen,let her wear her hijab and 4get about feelings cos no 1 knws d tym 4 his death... As 4 ur dad,u can talk 2 him calmly,remind him of how worthless d world is nd tell him how beautiful jannah is,let him knw that d only way 2 get 2 jannah is 2 obey Allah's commandment which salat is included..i hope this answer wil help inshaAllah..Allah knows best.

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