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assalaamun alaykum. Whn u mestrate n d mestration hs stopd.u tke ur janabah n after takin d bath u later discoverd a little stain (as if a niddle was dippd into blood) is it mandatory 2 have a second janabah or u cn jst continue with ur ibadah?

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Subhanalah pargali please do not give answeres without evidence it very dangerous. You don't have to take a bath inshallah. Umm atiyah (may Allah be pleased with her) related " we considered mud dimness and yellow ness as nothing after being pure (the yellow or muddy excretion was deemed as nothing of the period blood after being pure) " related by al buckari and Abu dawud.

So it happens for many women very often. You should just clean the area were it is bleading and make wudu.also you don't have to wash the clothes the blood is not menustration blood.. You just have to scratch it or add water if it is not menustration I won't write the Hadith because it is long. But you don't need to wash it. Just scratch it if it is dry or put water and only if it is not menustration blood.

Alisha ( may Allah be pleased with her) that fatimah bunt abi hubaish came to the prophet (pbuh) saying "o Allah's apostle, I am a women having chronic menstruation, and subsequently I never get purified ( due to non stop flow blood). So shall I forsake offering the prayer? He replied. " no, for that is just due to a vein, and not the menses. Thereby when it is time for your menstruation, cease offering the prayer, and when it is estimated time for it to be terminated, wash yourself from the-blood, and pray. buckarii and Muslim

In another version by al buckari the prophet (pbuh) said to her, "then perform ablution for every prayer."

So inshallah just clean yourself and make wudu. That will be sufficient . And allah knows best.

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bleeding can go on for a while. you cant take a shower all the time. change your clothing piece that have the blood dripped on it. Allah doesnt care about the looks or shapes, its enough that you pray no matter what the circumstances are.

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