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Assalam Alaykum. I took a test to enter one of the best secondary schools in my city, and I doubt I will pass. Although I won’t get a bad grade, I will get lower than is required to in order to get into that school. I ask you all to add my succession to your Dua list. Thank you all.

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"And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then surely I am very near; I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me, so they should answer My call and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way." 2:186

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I am very pleased with your answer. Thank you very much.

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Wa 'alaykumus salam wa ra'hmatullahi wa barkatuhu wa magfiratuhu. I can suggest you an 'amal that might help you . On a sunday evening , after the maghrib prayer, before the waqt of 'ishaa , pray 20 raka'ats of nawfil prayers by praying 2 raka'ats at a time . You have to say sura fatiha x1 , sura ikhlas x50 , sura falaq x1 , sura naas x1 in each raka'at . After completing the nawfil prayer , say istighfar one hundred times , and duroode- mahi one hundred times. Then do du'a sincierly . Durrode-mahi :
"ALLAHUMMA SAWLLI 'ALAA SAIYYDINA MU'HAMMADIN KHAIRUL KHALAIQI AFDHALUL BASHARI SHAFI'IL UMMATIN YAWMAL 'HASHRI WANNASHRI SAIYYDINA MU'HAMMADIM BI 'ADAADI KULLI MA'LUMILLAKA WA SAWLLI 'ALAA JAMI'IL AMBIAII WAL MURSALINA WAL MALA-IKATIL MUQARRABINA WA 'IBADILLAHIS SAWLIHINA WARHAMNA MA'AAHUM , BIRA'HMATIKA YAA AR'HAMAR RA'HIMIN " ISTIGHFAR:"ASTGHFIRULLAHALLADHI RABBI MIN KULLI DHAMBIU WA TUBU ILAIHI, LAA 'HAWLA WA LAA QUWATA ILLA BILLAHIL 'ALIYIL 'ADHIM " i tried this 'amal after an exam and i got a very good result . It might not work always , but it is a very good 'amal for gaining sawab. I , the sinner , pray to Allah that may he enable me and you and us to pass every kind of tests in this world and in the world hereafter , may he forgive us and show us the true path . AMEEN

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here it is dua for succession

Dua for success

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