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Do you know some basics of your religion?

1) Which of the following statements is correct regarding the manners of reading the Quran:  A. Gathering in a group to read and study the Quran is recommended.

B. Frequent reading of the Quran is recommended so that one can fully understand the Quran.

C. The Quran is meant to be recited only at ceremonial openings and special occasions.

D. A & B

2) Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding Islamic manners and rules of eating  A. Using clean gold and silver tableware is recommended

B. If a Muslim is served food as the Adhan is called, he should first finish his food and not hasten to prayer.

C. Eating while lying on your back or stomach is not recommended.

D. Hands should be washed before and after meal.

3) Which of the following is incorrect concerning Islamic manners:  A. Cleanliness and purity of body, place and clothes is very important characteristics.

B. A good deed should be publicized for due credit.

C. AMuslim should treat others as he would like to be treated.

D. Beauty, elegance and orderliness are values for the Muslim to observe.

4) Which of the following statements is correct concerning rights of Non-Muslims under an Islamic State.  A. Freedom of belief and worship, and independent religious and educational institutions.

B. Full autonomy concerning personal and family law.

C. Islamic adab are not imposed on Non-Muslims.

D. A, B, & C

5) Reading of the Quranic Surah ....... every Friday is recommended.  A. Al-Dukhan

B. Al-Mulk

C. Al-Kahf


6) We do not need the example of a prophet for our guidance and we can find the way to truth by reading good books on philosophy and religion.  A. True

B. False

7) Which one of the following is a principal rule in Islamic manners ?  A. Muslim's actions should express an attitude of humility and not arrogance

B. Muslim's behavior should match the behavior of other person

C. Muslim's manners should confirm with the etiquettes of the society

D. All of the above

8) Which one of the following is a great achievement of Adab al Islam ?  A. Yusuf Islam

B. Lots of commonality in good manners among Muslim Ummah

C. University of Al Azhar in Egypt

D. The book of Morals and Manners in Islam

9) What is the most important rule of Adab al Islam ?  A. Do as the Romans do

B. Obey the Neighbors and Teachers

C. Avoid blind imitation of non-Muslim people

D. Follow the footsteps of successful people

10) What should a Muslim begin his daily life with ?  A. with a 30 min.of TV dose

B. with a 5 mile jog

C. with a healthy breakfast

D. with Salat al Fajr

I could put harder questions inshallah.

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1.) D 2.) ( im not sure )A 3.)B 4.)D 5.)I don't know. I'm going to guess B. 6.)B 7.)A 8.)I don't know.9.)C 10.)D
This is a great idea what I know is good and what I don't I now will learn!! Thanks!

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5) sureh kahf

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Thanks sister! That's awesome alhamdulillah .

(Mar 07 '13 at 03:50) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

1:D 2: B 3:C 4:B 5:C 6:B 7:D 8:D 9:C 10:D

Your spelling "D. with Slat al Fajr"

has been corrected. so don't think any change has occurred to your quiz

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edited Mar 07 '13 at 05:58

1)D ;2)D ;3)B ;4)D ;5)C ;6)B ;7)A ;8)B ;9)C ;10)D

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