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1) Identify the wrong statement from the following.  A. Prophets are special people sent by God to convey the Will of God and the right path.

B. God communicated to all the Prophets through Angel Israfeel.

C. It is the duty of a Muslim to recognize Prophet Moses, Prophet Jesus and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them).

D. To obey the commandments of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is to obey Allah.

2) Allah did not make Adam (the first human being created by Allah) a prophet because he disobeyed Allah by eating the fruit from a tree in heaven.  A. True

B. False

3) Which of the following describes correctly the religious beliefs of the people of Arabia before the Prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh).  A. They believed that Abraham and Ishmael were their forefathers.

B. They worshipped stones, trees, idols, stars and spirits.

C. They believed in the stories of Ad and Thamud.

D. All of the above.

4) Which of the following statements correctly describe Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  A. For the first forty years of his life he openly preached Islam.

B. He was known as the unlettered Bedouin.

C. He was not known as a person of wisdom and knowledge before he became a Prophet.

D. A, B & C

5) Can we use sea water for wudu (ablution)  A. True

B. False

6) Which of the following is the general understanding of the word 'Sunnah'.  A. The preserved teachings of Prophet Jesus (pbuh).

B. The important verses of the Quran.

C. The teachings, sayings and life-example of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

D. B & C

7) The best way to acquire knowledge of Allah, His attributes and His law is:  A. By listening to your friends

B. By studying the Quran and example of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

C. By watching good programs on the television

D. B & C

8) Before God sent Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as the last prophet, he kept on sending new ones because:  A. The teachings of the earlier prophet got changed, corrupted or lost.

B. The teachings of the earlier prophet required further clarification and amendments.

C. Because God determined that people needed a new prophet every 500 years.

D. A & B

9) If a Muslim wants to stay as a guest with someone then he should not expect his hospitality to continue for more than .... days. (WT)  A. 2

B. 3



10) Adab al-Islam, means:  A. Good manners adopted by Islam

B. Worship of One God

C. Laws developed in Muslim countries.

D. A & B

11) When is water impure for wudu (ablution )

A. Change of color

B. Change of smell

C. Change of taste

D. All the above

12) Are Muslim allowed to use gold utensils for eating or drinking.



13) Who was the Prophet Mohammed favorite wife?

B) Aisha

B) Asma

C) Fatima

D) Kadija

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edited Mar 08 '13 at 13:01 TeenMuslim ♦ 97218 TeenMuslim's gravatar image

B,B,D,B,A,C,B,D,(C?),A,D,false,last ? I can't answer as I am sure he loved them all.

answered 1.6k315 sadie's gravatar image

its "change of taste"

(Mar 08 '13 at 13:00) TeenMuslim ♦ TeenMuslim's gravatar image

Aaaaaa I got it ok . Thanks !

(Mar 08 '13 at 19:24) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

No it is not change of tast. It is all the above. Wa an Abu ummah bahili qala, qala rasulilah I salahu alyhi wa Salam.Inal ma la yanajasu shayun illa ma Galaba al rehehe, wa t'amehe, wa lawnehi.

Water is not defiled but anything except the change of smell,tast,or Coler. This is a week Hadith,but the man is correct, and their other sahih Hadith to back this up. For example bayhaqi. I could write it down if u would like.

(Mar 12 '13 at 11:05) Light ♦ Light's gravatar image

Ok thanks light. Nice looking out!

(Mar 13 '13 at 01:34) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

Barakalufeekum. May Allah bless you sister. Well for the last question, asma and Fatima are not his wives. Kadija was the first Muslim who supported him. He did not marry another women when he was with Kadija. After her death he married 8 other women. He loved her the most.but Aishaa the most after her death. 9 is (b). I hope this make people relize that the knowledge of al-Islam is infinite. No matter what age we should always be constant in learning.

O son of Adam, how is your heart ever going to be softened by the recitation of Quran when all you read for is to reach the end of the surah ( Hassan al Basri)

The one who memorises the Quran must be known by the nights when people are sleeping. By his days when people are eating. By his sadness when people are rejoicing. By his weeping when people are laughing. By his silence when people are indulged in vain talk. And by his humility when people are boasting.( abdullahi ibn masud)

The are no means of attaining faith and certainty except through the Quran. (Ibn qiyam al jawziyyah)

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Thanks for the knowledge may Allah subhana WA taala bless you in thus life and the next. I enjoy the quiz's .

(Mar 08 '13 at 00:49) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image


B A D D A C B (good programs?, if Islamic, then both b n c) A B D D B D

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