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According to Islam, Adam was the first human being created by Allah SWT and we are all his descendants.

According to the scientific theory of Evolution, man has descended from ape like creatures, millions of years ago. Does Islam subscribe to this theory, and if not, what is the status of the theory of evolution, Vis a vis our Islamic belief ?

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Here's a debate on the subject in Arabic:

Here's an interesting article about it:

An article from the Deen Institute:

Basically, it could go either way, depending on what your attitude already is when you start to think about the problem. If one is a literalist, then one would probably find solace in insisting on strict creationism with Adam as our common ancestor. However, if one takes into account the fact that the language of the Qur'an is highly figurative and that taking it literally is almost always impossible (merely because the perspective from which it is literally understood is always shifting), then one could accept Adam's (AS) assignation as a prophet among other Homo sapiens among whom He (AS) came to be, and the progenitor of what might be termed "Homo Religiosus," the human who has a connection with the Divine (ta3aala). Since it is obvious that evolution has occurred on Earth, one has to understand that the description of Adam in the Qur'an is more complicated than might literally appear. These complications are not a problem for the truth of the Qur'an; rather, they strengthen it, as it allows us to expand our minds to take in the full depth and profundity of the message of the Qur'an and the prophets of this world.

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The simplest answer is that, it is still and will remain a "Theory". Theory is something which is not proved.

"Theory of Evolution" deny the concept of God. Which is so illogical, Holy Qur'an says,

Indeed, those you invoke besides Allah will never create [as much as] a fly [22:73]

Even if all the scientists of the world gather, they can not create even a fly. And this theory says everything came into existence with itself without a creator and Human beings developed itself.

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Sure, evolution's a theory, just like gravity and relativity. Evolution does not deny the concept of God (ta3aala). It just threatens simplistic understandings of God's creation.

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