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i am trying to connect to my heart bt i can't before i could feel if i am doing something wrong if i am offering my prayer i can feel that relaxness but now i know i am doing wrong i try to avoid that i even don't do that but still can't get the satisfaction i offer prayer bt not regularly not even Quran but whenever i pray i don't get that fealing which i felt before..kindly help me i don;t want to go to hell i want to come to the right path i want to be good i want to make myself like ALLAH said bt i cant connect to my heart i cant even feel if i have a heart :'( :'( please help me out ALLAH :'(

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Well on this what I can say is that don't give up on the prayer. Keep offering it and offer more than you do. Other than that, if I were you I would step back and look at life and the thing's that are going on, and what do I want out of this life. What do I want out of the next life. Answering these questions should give your heart a spark. Put Allah first. Remember him and He will remember you.

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