How can i stengthen my imaan?

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Build a relationship with the Quran. Strive to seek knowledge. The more you know about Allah, the more it humbles you.

Ibn al-Qayyim (RA) said: "There does not exist a need of the souls that is greater than their need for the knowledge of their Maker and Originator, and for possessing love of Him, mentioning Him, being delighted at Him, and for seeking a means and position with Him. However, there is no route to this except by way of knowledge of His characteristics and names. Thus, the more knowledgeable the servant is of these names and attributes, the more knowledgeable he will be of Allah, the more will be his pursuit of His Pleasure, and the nearer he will be to Him. Likewise, the more averse he is to the names and attributes, the greater ignorance he will have of Allah, the more will be his dislike for Him and the further away he will be from Him. Allah affords the servant a status with Him that is in accordance with the status that the servant gives to Allah with himself..." ['al-Kafiyah ash-Shafiyah' p. 3-4]

Therefore we should try to know Allah by his names and his attributes. We should contemplate and ponder over his majesty and greatness. By knowing Allah by his names and attributes we will feel ever closer to him and do everything to please him. (Sunnah Forum)

Try to fast, try to lower your gaze, stay AWAY from sins. Remember Allah often as Allah says, Truly in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find tranquility” – 14:28

This site is resourceful

On the authority of Anas ibn Malik (may Allah be pleased with him), that the Prophet (may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “There are three qualities whosoever has them, may taste the sweetness of Faith: firstly one who loves Allah and His Messenger (may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) above all else; secondly one who loves someone simply for the sake of Allah, and thirdly, one who loathes return to disbelief, after Allah has rescued him from it, as he would loath being thrown into the Fire.”

(Bukhari and Muslim)

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Keep your tounge busy in reciting LAAA ILAHAA ILLALLAH . This has helped me alot

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