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I am loving someone i knew since my young days. I love her since then thou she is married wz 02 kids..I thought about her everyday n honestly she is close to my heart besides my Mom. I have tried to forget or leave her to let her lead her own life with her family but the further ive gone the more i love her n misses her...I have told her about how my heart felt about her.And she misses me too. Appreciate your kind response and comments...Insya'allah

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Bro,looking to opposite gender is Haram..and as per u,she is married and has two kids.. Dear brother,this can create problems in their life i.e Husband and wife and their kids too.. I request you to Do Dua to Allah {S.w.t} to show you right path and forget her..

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My sister protect yourself don't come near her, its haram. May Allah protect you, the devil tries to make evil things look beautiful. The Devil may tempt you to commit Zina step by step. This is why even looking at the opposite gender is a sin. Second, she is married. Look dedicate yourself to fasting and this will protect you. Please stay away from her and Allah will reward you for your patience.

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