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Assalum Allaiykum - I am a new Muslim and am having trouble with embracing the Hijab. I know it is my own decision and no one can force me to wear it but I have heard that other Muslim woman who revert to Islam embrace the Hijab straight away. I am not feeling that way just yet. I feel I'm disrepecting Allah and letting down the religion by not being able to embrace the Hijab. What should I do? As I am still learning and studying Islam (very slowly!!!) I am hoping, InshAllah, that I will eventually be able to wear the Hijab it but in the meantime I feel like there is something wrong with me that I am not wanting to wear it like other women. Hope someone can help. Thank you

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One of the ten behaviours which turn muslim to kafir is:neglecting or being against what ALLAH MESSENGER BROUGHT TO US. Of which is the issue of Hijab. You must try to use it because if you do,you have follow ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA COMMAND AND WISH and you do not use it,you have neglest HIS COMMAND. A BELIEVER MUST ALWAYS FOLLOW THE PROPHET SUNNAH SAL ALLAHU ALAIHI WA SALLAM

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Assalamu alaikum sister. I am a revert and may I suggest to you that you start off wearing hijab where you are comfortable wearing it. For some people, they may feel more comfortable wearing it around friends and family but not in public. For me, I was more comfortable wearing it in public, around people who didn't already know me. But the point is, once I started wearing it, I saw that most people didn't treat me differently and truly I feel more at peace when I'm in hijab. Now I never leave my home without hijab and never invite someone to my home without hijab. Just try it and see how you feel. In sha Allah you will feel it is right by Allah and be pleased to wear it.

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For a believing woman to cover there adornment is acceptable in the sight of Allah. Remember as well, a man wearing women's clothes, or a woman wearing man's clothes is abhorrent to the Lord. Nothing is holding you back from wearing the hijab, you have to make the decision, and for instance if you still live with your family or someone who will condemn you for it that has not embraced Islam, and they drive you out of your home, Allah will take care of you if you truly believe.

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Assalaam dear sister, Im going to say what i've already said in another question.

1) If someone hates hijaab they become disbeliever and all their prayers, fasts etc are worthless “Then how will it be when the angels will take their souls at death smiting their faces and their backs? That is because they followed that which angered Allah and hated that which pleased Him. So He made their deeds fruitless.” (Muhammad 47:27-28) and “Those who turn back after guidance was clearly showed to them, Shaytaan has instigated them and buoyed them up with false hopes. This becasuse what they said to those who hate what Allah has revealed ‘We will obey you in part of the matter’ But Allah knows their secrets” (Muhammad 47:25-26)

2) If a doctor said cover your head or the sun will give you skin diseases, a woman would wear it to save her skin....But if Creator of Universe, the one who gave her everything commands her to in order to save her skin in the next life from a fire seventy times that of this life, she refuses....very screwed contradictory thinking.

3) If something is fashion people if all kuffaar and jaahil girls wore it, then others would do so willingly, but when our matter is to distinguish us from the losers and disbelievers...then people want to do something else!!! Ibn U'mar reported that Rasool Allah (saw) said "Whoever imitates a people then he is one of them" (AHMAD, ABU DAWOOD)

4) Why is it that a woman displays her charms before every kaafir snake but then complains about any interest in her own husband who is allowed to have four wives? It is a sign of the Qiyaamah when desires of women dominate affairs to the derimnt of society.

5) Know that removing the hijaab is not liberation but only enslavement to kuffaar who are pleasd with th hmiliation of the Muslim ummah and conditioning h masses so they lose their dignity......first step was to abolish polygamy, second step to have women as leaders, third step to have women remove hijaab.........and now we bollywood and millions of 'muslim' girls coming to west and sleeping with about ten men before they get married....shaytaan and his allies are well pleased. Before the British colonization of India resulted in rape of hundreds of thousands of Muslim women at hands of British soldiers......however, now they don't need to spend effort as they have colonised the Muslim minds, so now 'muslim' women give themselves willingly to kuffaar.Indeed following the kuffar in some things will lead to a gradual destruction of the persons deen and lead them to major kufr “O you who believe! If you obey the disbelievers they will drive you back on your heels and you will turn back (from Islam) to your own loss.” (aali I’mraan 3:149)

Inshallah, I hope it helped you alot.

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my sister not all muslim women have to wear hijab,on condition that they stay at home and no foreign man sees if u dont want to wear it,then stay at home,but if you go out wear it.

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if i were to ask my sister,what is making you fail to wear the hijab?is it shyness,or maybe you think your friends will neglect you,or maybe you think people will regard you as backwarded? my sister you can watch these two songs,inshaa allah you embrace the hijab.

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salaamun alaikum sister i understand ur plight n i knw hw u feel but remember islaam means total submission 2 d will of Allah n dis hijab is not d commandment of the prophet But d commandment of Allah. if u luk @ surah 33 verse 59 where Allah commanded dat o.prophet! tell ur wives n daughers and the women of believers to draw thier cloaks(veil) all over their bodies i.e screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way.that will be better that they should be known as free respectable women so as not be annoyed and Allah is ever oft forgiving, most merciful. so sister please i urge u 2 try n wear d hijab cos of Allah. may Allah make it easy for ol of us.Ameen

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