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I just found this forum, I've been an atheist for my whole life. Lately I've been feeling like I've been missing something, I did research on Christianity and found that if didn't answer what I was looking for. I'm looking for brotherhood of people who understand my problems, people who are genuine and accept people for who they are.

We learned about Islam in social studies and it led me to do more research on Islam, my question is does Islam give that feeling and how do I join.


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All human beings are Muslim. You just need to revert not convert:-) Read Qur'an in English ( and talk to God.

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"All human beings are muslim"? do you mean 'all human beings were born muslims?' because clearly not every human is muslim unfortunately, but we were all muslims as babys(I've heard this from other muslims, but please correct me if I am wrong)- as we were all completely innocent.

And go down to a mosque, they will be able to help you convert :)

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Thats what Fam meant they were all born muslim she said you need to revert meaning go back to being a muslim she knows that tand isnt muslim but that she was born one

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To convert to Islam I suggest you do go to a mosque, it would be easier if their were others to help you. To become a Muslim, you must say the following: "Ashad Ana La Illah Il Allah Wa ashad ana Muhammed Rasool Allah." ("I testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammed Peace Be Upon Him is his messenger.") Of course, you have to say this with absolute belief and conviction. Otherwise these words mean nothing.

To be a Muslim you should believe in the following:


His Angels

His Books

His Messengers

The Last Day of Judgement


The Five Pillars of Islam:

Shahadah ("I testify that there is no god but Allah...")

Salat (Prayer)

Zakat (Charity)

Sawm (Fasting)

Hajj (Pilgrimage if financially and physically able)

May Allah guide you to the right path.

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Islam means 1.peace (root word arabic "salaam") 2.submitting our will to Allah (the only God) islam is a religion of peace. Its principle is that whatever u do is 4 the will and pleasure of Allah. It has 5 pillars:kalma, namaz, roza, zakaat, Haj. Kalma means laa-ila-ha-il-lal-la muhammad-ur-rasool-lul-lah is in arabic meaning There is no God but Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is is messenger and bondsman/servant. Namaz is offering prayers 5 times a day. Roja is fasting in the holy month of ramadhan. Haj is pilgrimage to mecca to be performed at least once in a lifetime.

Islam includes the belief in the judgement day,heaven,and hell. That there is going to come one day for sure when this world/earth will be destroyed with all its living beings and all the people who came into existance will be resurrected. There Almighty Allah will calculate everyone's deeds, ones with more of good deeds will go to heaven or paradise for eternity, ones with more of bad deeds to hell fire where only pain lies.

A non muslim, be it athiest or any other religion embracing islam will have all his past bad deeds forgiven and will directly enter paradise.

B proud u came all this far towards truth. Just a few more steps. Remember u take one step closer to Allah, he takes 10 towards u. Islam gives u strength to live with peace, ur soul feels pure. I have so many problems myself i wish to die everyday, Allah, my faith in my heart keeps me going, fighting.

Moreover if u want scientific proof, refer Dr.Zakir Naik's lecture or work on islam and science. U will find various proof that quran really is the word of God/Allah. To embrace islam just read kalma with devotion to its meaning.

Welcome to truth brother/sister.

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U don't judge religion by people s there are good people and bad people in every religion so read Quran that will guide you. May Allah guide u. Aameen. All the best and welcome to islam

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Are you confused about which religion is true ? I'll tell you something: Islam is a way of life that means submission to the will of the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He sent messengers to call the people to worship God alone. Adam, Noah, Ebraham, Moses, Jacob, Jesus, and Muhammad (may peace be upon them) were sent with this one message : there is no one worthy of worship accept Allah ,the only one true God,. No ambiguity, no confusion. One God, one religion, and one message. U wanna know more 'bout Islam visit this page

and if you need any help i'm here offering you some help.

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Asalamu wa alikum, All religions lead to the Creator. Islam showa the straight path to the Creator and the Iinner Peace".

Read Quran and ponder upon its meanings. There is guidance in it for the righteous.

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How does one convert, where do I go? A mosque?

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The only thing that can give you that feeling will come from within you.

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at first read quran then think about it if it's true or not and finally choose your way may allah help and guide you my brother

peace and love(L)

ps if you have further questions do not hesitate to post me with my emailadress: may allah's guideness be with you my brother(L)(F)

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How did you all come to islam

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do you know that you're born a Muslim ? yes this is the truth ; and this is a wisdom from allah but your parents make you go to br christian or ..... . . look if you want to know more i prefer to talk in facebook or e-mail or ...

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I was born a muslim, raised in a muslim environment, and was educated about Islam. However, I'm living in a country now, studying, where muslims are minority and all my classmates are non-muslims. In addition, I am a woman wearing hijab. But, I have never doubted my faith. I love the peace of mind and inner happiness and fulfillment I feel through praying to the One and Only God and I pray to Allah and aim to becoming a better muslim everyday. I will not say I hope you will find what you are looking for, but rather I say I am sure that you will find what you are looking for through Islam.

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do you know that you're born a Muslim ? yes this is the truth ; and this is a wisdom from allah but your parents make you go to br christian or ..... . . look if you want to know more i prefer to talk in facebook or e-mail or ...

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