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I just found this forum, I've been an atheist for my whole life. Lately I've been feeling like I've been missing something, I did research on Christianity and found that if didn't answer what I was looking for. I'm looking for brotherhood of people who understand my problems, people who are genuine and accept people for who they are.

We learned about Islam in social studies and it led me to do more research on Islam, my question is does Islam give that feeling and how do I join.


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All human beings are Muslim. You just need to revert not convert:-) Read Qur'an in English ( and talk to God.

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"All human beings are muslim"? do you mean 'all human beings were born muslims?' because clearly not every human is muslim unfortunately, but we were all muslims as babys(I've heard this from other muslims, but please correct me if I am wrong)- as we were all completely innocent.

And go down to a mosque, they will be able to help you convert :)

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Thats what Fam meant they were all born muslim she said you need to revert meaning go back to being a muslim she knows that tand isnt muslim but that she was born one

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yes you do the sheikh will help you and give you a leeson about islam all you have to say is la-illaha-illa-allah-ooh-muhammad-ar-rasool-allah after you say it he willprobably explain the religion to you or get a women to explain it to you teach you the rules about the quran how to do wudu(cleansing of the body) and pray and you should also reserch it a good website would be there is a section for those who want to convert and they list recent convert on the homepage to support them and recognize them and teach a lot about islam

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If you search in your back you will find Creator of you God, God is alone, God respond people, do not had child and do not born, and never any body like him, from Qur'an.

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I very Much agree.

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may allah guide you

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My Allah guide me then he has brought me here to get some understanding from his subordinates..correct?

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corerect you are correct.

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Islam and other religions complete each other. so islam must be always there cuz it has a one message along ago and each messenger has the same message, u may find some difference cuz each Prophet was sent to a different people but still the same message.Prophet Muhammed final Prophet and was sent to confirm all the truth that was revealed befor him, including the ogigional Gospel of Jeesus. Qur'an honored Jesus and his nams, Muslims names their children Esa(Arabic of Jesus). Furthermore,when thers Jews asked John the Baptist "....Who are you? and he(John)confused, Iam not the Christ. and they ashed him, what then? are you Elijah? and he said, I am not. are you that Prophet ? and he answered, NO." (John 1:19-21) Again, muslims scholars argue that Muhammed is the one refered in this Biblical text:" Are you that Prophet? he answered no so who is that prophet? clearly "That prophet" does not apply to John the Baptist nor to Jesus the Chris, as John testified himself. so who is that Prophet?

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The main concept of Islam: There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger.

If you think about "There is no God" and But "Allah", you find that this statement clarifies all doubts and confusions about who is God. It liberates the believer from everything else but Allah. It means you are free and must not fear anything, or anyone but Allah. Don't fear disasters, diseases, deaths, tyrants, poverty,...etc, because Allah is the Greatest and most Powerful and the Able to overcome them all. He made the good general, and the bad the exception. In life we are crossing a bridge to the after life. While we are crossing, we lear, grow and face difficulties. It is how we react to what we face and what we do in life that matters. Being good, leads us to eternity in heaven.

I ask you to sincerely pray from all of your heart to Allah to lead you to Him, to the truth. Ask Him. He has the answer. I suggest that you read more about Islam from trusted resources.

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Hey tand, and any1 with further questions on Islam, u can mail me ur questions or argue on i'l b happy to help

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Yeah. Right. So about the question why so many messengers were sent and so many religions. Abraham was the first one, he believed God is 1,Allah. He began to preach people to abandon idolworship and come to ur creator. Many started to learn, Islam was spreading. Time past and people took to worship materials, creation and not the creator. Then time came that Almighty Allah had to send another messenger to guide people to light again. Moses, Jesus (peace b upon them) were all messengers. They taught people Allah, God is one. There is not a single worse in Bible where u find Jesus(pbuh) saying to worship himself. He used to pray to Allah, and Allah would make miracles happen. But people began worshipping him. Cristianity was born. Allah has no relations, parent,kids,etc, Nor was Jesus(pbuh) his son ,but just a messenger.

To eradicate this wrong belief Allah sent the final messenger Muhammad (pbuh). He is the dearest to Allah,and the prince of all messengers, so his name is included in the awwal (first) kalima. He was the messenger sent for us.

Each messenger was sent for people of their times. Muhammad(pbuh) was sent for us. His arrival is mentioned in various religious scriptures

Islam is the true religion

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It looks like most people have covered your question, but I just wanted to add something. When you say 'feeling' what do you mean? Is it that sort of wondering about 'why am i here' 'what is my purpose in life' depressing thing that catches you out when you're alone every now and then? Before I became a muslim I had those exact thoughts, they just left me empty, and constantly wondering, but I can honestly say that since I turned to islam (about 2 years ago?) I have not had that thought for a second. So to answer your question, i say yes, absolutely. It gave me contentment and I am so so thankful that I turned to islam.

P.s. if you're looking for reasons to convert I recommend watching (a tv show dedicated to islam with advice/teachings from some world famous scholars - a few of them are converts - 15 i think, but i may be wrong). And the things that convinced me that Islam was the way were the scientific facts, the prophecies from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the respect and rights given to women by the Quran, despite the media that contradict this, if you really look into what the Quran and hadith (teachings from the Prophet pbuh) have to say it's so clear that Islam gave women rights and respect WAY before the so-called 'equal' rights that the western society give us, and only recently might I add. So I say research research research everything you can about islam.

Sorry that there isn't much detail and it's so rushed, but I wish you the best of luck and I hope I've helped :)

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islam is the only right religion so many people have become an atheist after being christians for an example they have noticed that their religion was falling in to pieces now the vatican wants the people believe in one god and no son of god. they want to repair what they had changed.

islam does not have these problems my brother

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have you become a muslim ? inshallah you have my brother

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