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I just found this forum, I've been an atheist for my whole life. Lately I've been feeling like I've been missing something, I did research on Christianity and found that if didn't answer what I was looking for. I'm looking for brotherhood of people who understand my problems, people who are genuine and accept people for who they are.

We learned about Islam in social studies and it led me to do more research on Islam, my question is does Islam give that feeling and how do I join.


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All human beings are Muslim. You just need to revert not convert:-) Read Qur'an in English ( and talk to God.

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"All human beings are muslim"? do you mean 'all human beings were born muslims?' because clearly not every human is muslim unfortunately, but we were all muslims as babys(I've heard this from other muslims, but please correct me if I am wrong)- as we were all completely innocent.

And go down to a mosque, they will be able to help you convert :)

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Thats what Fam meant they were all born muslim she said you need to revert meaning go back to being a muslim she knows that tand isnt muslim but that she was born one

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I have not yet converted, I'm only in high school, so I have time to make up my mind.

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God made tradition for the feed of human soul and Arcadia and Pleasure this what every human need every time.

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Islam is the only religeon accepted by allah on the day of judgement. And the others will all be rejected (allahu alam...)

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Islam is the only religeon accepted by allah on the day of judgement. And the others will all be rejected (allahu alam...)

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Please go to where you will get English translations of Qur'an. My advice is to read yourself and then decide whether you would like to be Muslim. Inshallah, Allah will guide you because through Qur'an Allah talks to you:-)

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Read the quran and you would not have asked such question.. The beauty itself will give you all the answers you have been looking for. Most atheist and other people they fight against islam and call us religion of murders when they have no clue what really is written in the holy quran. People do not judge others by their look, they judge people by they actions.

Most people judge islam by it´s look. You get me? Don´t ever judge islam by teorrists and 9/11 etc.. Once you read that book you will understand everything perfectly :)

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who ever said it was the same thing there are many differences 1- We belive jesus never died but was sent to heaven because if somone dies they cannot come back if jesus died how would he come back, we belive god sent a man and made the people see him as they see jesus then that man was killed, not jesus 2- Jesus and god are two eperate things and jesus is not Gods son God just created him 3-we do not eat pork because its the dirtiest of animals and there is no way to purify it even with cooking 4- we do not drink because it does more worse than it does good 5-we belive muhhamad was also a messenger and prophet and there are many others

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you cant only be good and hope you go to heaven you have to be good to peope and worship you lord there is only one way to god and it is islam if you do eat pork and you think how will that get me there then that is disobeying your lord there is a fine explination for not eating pork and god did give us the reason, but why does it matter just listen to what God told you thats why there are many trials and tests in this world and if you just think being good is gonna get you there then you missed the whole point of God creating us it is to worship him not to just be good one part of worship is to listen to what God says and being Kind to others is one of them but you cant base your whole life on this one rule you follow all of Gods rules and then hope that this is enough thankfullness and worship to get you there

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You say "the whole point of God creating us it is to worship him". Doesn't that sound a bit egoistic and selfish? God created us, threw us on this earth to fight with each other, suffer physical disasters, pass "many trials and tests" only to worship him? Why does he need reassurance?

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Question 1-I am not saying their religion is false actually both religions were sent down before islam and they were once the true relgions but i am saying that it has been altered so some things are false not the whole relgion within itself a lot of rules are in all three books but once it has been altered than its no longer completly true and most religious scholers will admit it was altered but that the ones altered it were religious subjets, but the ones who wrote it were obviously more religious because they were chosen in the first place to write it, also would God ever send anything down that requires somone to alter it i do not see how somone would think that somthing they wrote can beat the original scipture, but somone did. so this is why God sent down muhhamad to covey the message of the last and final laws of God wich will and have not ever been altered these laws are the ones that every other prophet sent down but got lost in translation and alteration.So this is the reason why Islam is the Only way to god because some things that were deemed unlawful were made lawful how can you think that there are three different ways to god when these religions are so different and have certain sets of rules that they all do not share there are some things that we certainly know are unlawfull because all three religions have deemed it unlawful but that dosent mean if you ony listen to laws you know arent true will get you into heaven. our life on this earth is a test of faith and you cannot vaigley listen to all three religions or choose the wrong one, you must listen to all the rules if your mother and father gave you a set of instructions and told you if you do all these we will take you to disney land and then you only listened to the ones they both said to do you thnk they will take you?no each parent will list the things they asked you to do and you disobeyed as proof to you. The set of instuctions were not very difficult only had five chores you listned to two of them and its not fair for your sibling to have done all five rules and you to only have done two and each get rewarded the same amount. the right path was to listen to all five not pick from the ones you felt werent difficult and only do those and these five chores represent islam. Hajj, Sawm, Zakkat, Shahada, and salat. and this is the only right path. Question 2- If you read my previous posts you would understand or if you even watched their behavior i Am not required you explain it to you just so you can bash on it what brought you to this sight anyway are you here to get to know us better as the website is intended to do or just to attack us because i have never gone on a chritian or jewish website for no other perpose other that to learn nor have i ever argued with them its none of my buisness.

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i am trying to post ten comment on this question to recive a badge

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