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I just found this forum, I've been an atheist for my whole life. Lately I've been feeling like I've been missing something, I did research on Christianity and found that if didn't answer what I was looking for. I'm looking for brotherhood of people who understand my problems, people who are genuine and accept people for who they are.

We learned about Islam in social studies and it led me to do more research on Islam, my question is does Islam give that feeling and how do I join.


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All human beings are Muslim. You just need to revert not convert:-) Read Qur'an in English ( and talk to God.

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"All human beings are muslim"? do you mean 'all human beings were born muslims?' because clearly not every human is muslim unfortunately, but we were all muslims as babys(I've heard this from other muslims, but please correct me if I am wrong)- as we were all completely innocent.

And go down to a mosque, they will be able to help you convert :)

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Thats what Fam meant they were all born muslim she said you need to revert meaning go back to being a muslim she knows that tand isnt muslim but that she was born one

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i hope you guys dont mind!

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so i said to myself

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i already had 5 answers on this question

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why not make it ten

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Dear All,

Please visit the site . you can get free scientific videos to download and understand about Islam.

May Allah bless you all

Regards Azeez

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If you are an atheist, I would highly recommend one of the books by Gai Eaton and Jeffrey Lang; both of these Muslims come from an atheist/agnostic background.

Gai Eaton's books: "Remembering God", "King of the Castle"

Jeffrey Lang's books: "Struggling to Surrender", "Even Angels Ask"

Perhaps these books may be of some help to you, insha-Allah (God willing).

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Auzubillahiminasyaitanirajim .. my new brother, in Islam there is no compulsion. you are entitled to your own. you self that will be chosen to live life in the this world. we as human beings are created by Him in the mind given to think, think about how we were created and what we do every day for peace in our souls. Do we have enough of what we need in this world? whether we have achieved what we want for these? whether we will continue to live in the this world? or we have to understand what the real meaning of our lives? and many others playing in our mind that just the size our handgrip. I am also a human like you, O my friend, and insyaAllah, one day we will meet .. amin.

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this site has live chat for non muslims or new muslims who need help i hope you benifet.

Islam Religion

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Everything you search you will find in Islam sooner or later, but the case and have patience and seek the truth. Islam is the ONLY monotheism religion ... who ONLY believe in a God,,, A single God who has neither son and associates...

IN the name of Allah , THE beneficent , THE Merciful

] Praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, the Merciful, the Compassionate, that Almighty rules over the Day of Judgment! You we worship, You alone we ask for help. ] Guide us to the straight path -

the path they walked as you have blessed with your gifts; not those who have been affected by [Your] anger, and not those who have gone astray!

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What a person who wants to be Muslim has to do?

If a person who does not have Muslim race wants to be Muslim;

He or she must believe that Allah is one,there is no god except Allah,Hz.Muhammed is Allah's prophet.this is enough for being Muslim.Another ceremony is not long for him or her.A person who accepts this two base is believer.

But explaining this faith and confirmation is good. I gave up all religions apart from Islam,I believed and have faith that:Allah's oneness,angels,books,prophets,Hz.Muhammed is Allah's slave and pprophet like other Prophets,life to come,kaza(1) and destiny,goodness, harm and every thing can occur with Allah's wish.

And than we recommend that he/she has to wash all body from head to toe and learn Islam's other judgements slowly.

1.if we explain shortly,kaza is destiny's existence.

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