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I know one man age 70 years abuses very badly to his wife and married daughters every single day and beat them. He uses every worst word them always. I tried to explain him that its not good according to Islam but says its nothing like that. He offers 5 times salah and have beard but its a shame on Muslim community that we have such men still doing this. Kindly suggest me how I need to help the family to get rid of that creature. Jazakallah Syed

Of course He is a enemy of Islam because he violence the rules and regulation and he does not obey the terms and condition of Islam. At first suggest him to come back the Right path and peaceful life of Islam. Give illustration of The Ideal life of our Favorite Prophet Mohammad (SM). Then If he does not comeback and he abuses very badly to his wife and married daughters then leave him from your community. Because another person will learn to see him. I hope you understand what should you do at this time?
Allah blessed him - ameen.

Mohi Uddin

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Shock him by saying that if he continues to abuse his wife and daughters, his prayers will mean nothing in front of Allah.

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Yes as who he is abusing does not belong to him but belongs to Allah subhana WA taala .

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