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salam Oh muslim of all over any one who read this message has d responsibilify fo pray for me, i knw so well dat am d right person to pray for myself bt i need ur prayers too. Due to lack of a no I have learned one bad thing & wi all d fear i hv for Allah it has bcom impossible for me to stop it. Pls help me pray may Allah guard me to stop this & very importantly for him to provide a means for me to get marry am still an undergraduate student i dont want to fall into zina. There is every possibilities dat if I want to commit zina 10 times a day i can do it but for d fear & love i hv for Allah i cant do it i ve prayed & prayed in d middle of d nigth in sujud in fact even now 11am i just finish prayed bt no answer yet, so help me pray. it is not easy to tell d world ur private issues pls i need advice frm someone who understand my feelings wassalam

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Assalamualaikum sister i am in a similar but worse situation.dont worry and have faith in Allah and supplicate.keep in mind that gunah or sin is always easy to do but don't sway.... recite this dua ''Allahuma aati nafisi taqwaahaa wa zakihaa anta khayru man zakaahaa wa anta waliyuhaa wa mawlaahaa'' i will surely pray for you

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