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take my Salam. I have a question regarding pre-marriage affair issue. I have one muslim female friend who were is a relationship with a muslim guy. both of them used to pray 5 times namaz, highly bemaintain halal & haram .Except their relationship, they dont do anything wrong. they also believe that this pre-marriage relation is not allowed as well as fair. that girl loves that boy & the main thing is she trusts him blindly. though they are always afraid about this relationship issue and islamic rules which conflict on their mind. that girl prays to allah for pardon her for being in a affair and wants the blessing of allah so that she can marry that boy. that boy loves her from the very beginning. he promised her to be together forever. even they kiss each other. but then they asked touba for that. after 6 moths relationship that boy went to abroad. then he realized he had done great sin ny being in a pre-marriage affair. So for solving/ recovering that sin he left that girl. he breaks that love and relationship. That girl could not believe herself that he can leave her. she got trauma. now she doesnot talk with anyone, even she doesnot get anything whats going around her.

Now my question: is that right what that boy have done? for purifying from sin what he did, is that not more sinful?

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I do feel for her, it must be really difficult, but this is a good example of why men and women aren't allowed to have relationships outside of marriage; to stop us from getting hurt.

Whether they decide to get married or not though, remind her that everything is the will of Allah, and that now that they are not together she is no longer in danger of committing more sins (afterall, pre-marital relationships often lead to sex eventually - even though it may not seem that way at first. Love is blind after all) and that she now has the chance to insha'Allah repent and move forward with her life, having learnt a lesson. Best of luck to her though, I hope she feels ok soon! :)

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Can you please provide me the name of that man who went abroad? Believe me I am not talking Off-topic.

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What will happen if I give you his name? can you decrease her pain?

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Do tauba . And for her psychological problems , i think she should go to a doctor . I think she is suffering from depression . She has to know that he wasn't the only man in the world . There are plenty of other faithful muslim men who can keep her happy if given a chance .

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Wa 'alaykumus salam wa ra'hmatullah . I think it would have been better if the boy married the girl instead of leaving her . So i think the boy didn't do the right thing . If the boy can marry the girl now , he should do it , becuse he has kissed her .

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he does not want to be in this relationship or doesnot wanna marry. now what that girl should do?

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