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Assalamu aleykum I met this guy 3 years ago despite the fact i do things to make him upset, and i don't understand why i do that , he still like me the way i am and want us to get married. Most of the time i think i'm not good enough for him .One thing i love about him is the fact that he is a good muslim , his honesty and loyalty and i don't know what else i like about him, apart from religion... my parents like him i'm still confused about my feelings for him and i'm scared of losing a good man any advices will be greatly appreciated.

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Wa 'alaykumus salam . If you want marry that man , think about his character first . There are many marriages in which husbands change their behaviour and become harsh to their wives . If you can be sure that man has your dream character , and he can support your need s , go for it .

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walekummasalam wa rehmatullah !

One of the ways in which Islam has honoured woman is by giving her the right to choose her husband. Marriage is based upon the compatibility with the partners. The Muslim woman who understands the teachings of her religion has wise and correct standards when it comes to choosing a husband. She does not concern herself just with good looks, high status, a luxurious lifestyle or any of the other things that usually attract women. She looks into his level of religious commitment and his attitude and behaviour, because these are the pillars of a successful marriage(u said that he is a good muslim).

And I guess that your man is pleasing to you both in his appearance and in his conduct. He understands you very well and likes you the way you are. What else do u want then ? I suggest that you should take the step of marrying this pious man (the final decision is all yours).

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