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I have many atheists friends of mine who quarrel with me regarding islam..although they believe the first part of the shahadah i.e LA ILAHA ILLALAH- "THERE is NO GOD" I just need to emphasise/work on ILLALAH-"but ALLAH".

whenever I come up with the ayah/verses of the QURAN defining the oneness of ALLAH and how MERCIFUL he is.. they say me "we are ready to convert just prove us how ALLAH exists"??

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The best way to go about that is be you. Not in your words but in your actions because after all Allah will and does exist with or without anyone believing. And remember Allah says he will guide whom he pleases and leave astray whom he pleases. All power is with him alone. Maybe call on Allah for this person and let Allah decide . Insha Allah that may help

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dear I know all this that ofcourse ALLAH does exists but just needed some more examples to make them understand !

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I'm sorry I guess I don't understand what it is you want. Because 1. These people are not your friends 2. They are more than likely not really with intention to covert they are playing with you and mocking you when they ask YOU to prove their is a god. 3. You can't make anyone understand or have faith that's Allah subhana WA ta'ala's power.

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I do understand your intention is good however.... It would be better to do duaa for these people to the Allah subhana WA ta'ala . He is the best to help right!?!

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Also posting links, hadiths, Qur'an ayats on your Facebook the ones that are meant to believe will be guided by him and him alone alhamdulillh :)

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hmmm your words are true to some extent..and yes ALLAH is the best help...what is destined will surely happen..I guess my work is done by bringing the truth to lets see who accepts it :)

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:) insha Allah brother Insha Allah

(Mar 17 '13 at 23:09) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

oyee I am a sister ,not a brother :p cant u make out from my name..? lol

(Mar 18 '13 at 13:30) aaliya ♦ aaliya's gravatar image

I'm sorry sister I wasn't even paying attention my apology.

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although I have tried giving them an example like,

if I slap u hard, u cant see the pain but u can feel it likewise we cant see ALLAH we can just feel his existence around us.

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