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I have many atheists friends of mine who quarrel with me regarding islam..although they believe the first part of the shahadah i.e LA ILAHA ILLALAH- "THERE is NO GOD" I just need to emphasise/work on ILLALAH-"but ALLAH".

whenever I come up with the ayah/verses of the QURAN defining the oneness of ALLAH and how MERCIFUL he is.. they say me "we are ready to convert just prove us how ALLAH exists"??

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The existence of Allah is so obvious and has so many proofs its impossible to enumerate them.

One way you can prove without doubt the existence of God is from 2 irrefutable verses of the Quran.

To listen to this explanation, please listen to the following audio: (right click and save as)

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this would help a bit insha Allah but it ultimately depends on what they consider evidence/proof of Allah's existence.

Allah swt guides those who seek his guidance with a open heart and mind and not the ones who ridicule believers by asking for evidence just so for the sake of argument or fun.

in the end all you could do is try to give them all the reasons to believe in allah and pray for their guidance and akhira. I pray Allah swt helps you in all your affairs through life and may he make it easier for you to convey his message to your friends. take care please, As'salam alaykum.

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