I have many atheists friends of mine who quarrel with me regarding islam..although they believe the first part of the shahadah i.e LA ILAHA ILLALAH- "THERE is NO GOD" I just need to emphasise/work on ILLALAH-"but ALLAH".

whenever I come up with the ayah/verses of the QURAN defining the oneness of ALLAH and how MERCIFUL he is.. they say me "we are ready to convert just prove us how ALLAH exists"??

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The existence of Allah is so obvious and has so many proofs its impossible to enumerate them.

One way you can prove without doubt the existence of God is from 2 irrefutable verses of the Quran.

To listen to this explanation, please listen to the following audio: http://www.kalamullah.com/Bilal%20Philips/The_Oneness_of_God_Part_One_-_Bilal_Philips.mp3 (right click and save as)

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