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Assalumu Allaykum, I recently had a partial hysterectomy. I had just my uterus removed, there for I can no longer have a baby or have my menstration. I'm 5 weeks out from surgery. Some days I have no bleeding. But some days I have light blood coming. The doctor said this is my body releasing fluid from surgery and it is clearing of scabs from the inside healing. Since I technically do not have a period/uterus, should I still refrain from prayer on the days I have some blood coming? Its not even like real blood either, its like water only tainted a pinkish color. I'm sorry for such personal detail, but I'm so tired of praying some days, not others...and I don't want to neglect prayer if it is permissable. Thank you.

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we can understand, np, till the blood dosent go stop praying

(Mar 17 '13 at 03:12) TeenMuslim ♦ TeenMuslim's gravatar image

when youre confirmed that it has stopped than you can continiue

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walekummasalam wa rehmatullah !

sister as u have gone through menopause which means that u wont get menstruation anymore..u can wash your private parts properly and then offer the congregational prayers(prayers at time).every time before offering namaz check your private parts and if you see blood then wash your private parts properly and perform the salah..also u are not considered impure you can have your marital relationship with your husband staying away from husband is only prescribed when you are in menstruation(impure) period..!!

dont neglect your prayers u are totally pure for performing it..!

AND ALLAH knows the BEST !

vote/award points if you are satisfied with my answer..! u can even leave me a feedback !

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