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i love my husband so much , he is the first person in my life who has stuck by me. my family dont care about me or love me its all just pretend and only use me to see what they can get from me as i am very generous. anyway i have been married for 3 years and its been so hard. i love him i knew from day one i wanted to marry him and by the grace of allah he brought me to islam. but since getting to a point where i love to learn about allah. he is so unsupportive. as if he is not happy i am learning about islam. i have done everything to please him, i lost weight, i grew my hair long, i cook his food, i dress appropriately, i dont go out, i work so hard, almost 6 days a week, with 13 hour days and give him the money but all i get is smart comments, or silence or nasty comments . and i feel everything else is important to him such as his job and his nephews rather than me. WHAT ABOUT WHAT I NEED?????? all i want is for him to say i love you or just to hug me. but still nothing. i am a good person, i love his family as if there my own parents! so what am i doing wrong? i do my prayers even with all my work. i am in tears all the time , i cry silently at night, i cant show him i cry as he gets angry so i have to hide everything. cant talk to him as he thinks i am being angry. i dont shout ever! i am a very quiet shy person . but i just feel he takes me for granted. i pray for HIM everyday. and the funny thing is everyone in his family can see how bad he treats me they always ask me why do i allow him to do this? even his father. but i love him. and i keep praying for him, doing duas i have learn, but to no avail. our son died almost one year ago. i thought things would change but he never did. i just want someone to talk to. as i feel so alone. now i think of suicide all the time . i no this is haram but i just feel so alone. and i dont want my marriage to end as i fear allah and i know he is a good man. i will never find someone better than him. but i just feel so alone in life. please help me.

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Salam! May ALLAH help and bless you and solve your problems, and turn the heart of your husband to you in love and respect of you....AAMEEN Here is the link of an easy wazifa for your problem, IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL your problem will start solving.....You will find two wazaif there select one whcih better suits you...

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Assalamu 'alaykum wa ra'hmatullahi wa barakatuhu wa magfiratuhu . Dear sister in islam , don't do suicide , don't give up hope . We are slaves of Allah and we are tested with many problems and diseases . I think you should try this 'amal . Take any kind of sweet and after reciting the 165th ayat of sura bakarah ( wa minannasi mayiattakhidhu................... ), blow into the sweets with your mouth . Then tell your husband to eat it . Inshaa Allah , it will make your husband attracted to you . But the condition is that you must strongly believe that it will work . If this doesn't work , try this ammal -

Recite the following durood one lac and fifty thousand times . Do it by reciting it 3600 times a day . Durrode-mahi : "ALLAHUMMA SAWLLI 'ALAA SAIYYDINA MU'HAMMADIN KHAIRUL KHALAIQI AFDHALUL BASHARI SHAFI'IL UMMATIN YAWMAL 'HASHRI WANNASHRI SAIYYDINA MU'HAMMADIM BI 'ADAADI KULLI MA'LUMILLAKA WA SAWLLI 'ALAA JAMI'IL AMBIAI WAL MURSALINA WAL MALA-IKATIL MUQARRABINA WA 'IBADILLAHIS SAWLIHINA WARHAMNA MA'AHUM , BIRA'HMATIKA YAA AR'HAMAR RA'HIMIN " you should recite the durood with wudhu . This can take all day . Here's a technique - never recite durood by stopping work or study . Learn to keep your tounge busy in reciting durood all situations , like when you study ,or work . This ammal will can help in fulfiling your wishes . After completing the ammal , do du'a sincierly . Inshaa Allah , your husband's behaviour will change .

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