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salam i have two problems in my life 1] I was totally into islam till 2004 but one day a non-muslim took me to a restaurent where he ordered pork while I ordered egg fry. but after eating the egg fry I realised that there was pork mixed in it..! will I get sin for it ? I really feel embarassed to tell it to someone because I want to be a good muslim..! I married but my sex life wasnt a success then I met a non-muslim woman who was also not happy with her sex life. so we came together and had several time sex....but now I feel guilty and ashamed of what I did so now i want to stop all this and deeply/sincerely follow islam but it is being a little difficult for me.. if my country comes to know what I did(zina) they they will stone me to death..! now what can i do for this please give me solution thanks wasalam i usually pray and I am doing other work also !

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Remember, don,t tell your problmes and secret to any one. if you are still ashamed about what you done, just contact with ALLAH, no one can forgive you or hate you, ALLAH need just your truly Emaan, so always keep your mistakes in your heart don,t tell to others, As you writes your mistakes here infront of all you make them all people witness of your mistake as you tell above, Remember, If ever you face any problem or ask any thing just contact to a Mufti or you will definatily get any information what you want.... Jazak ALLAH

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thanks alhamdullih

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You ate pork without knowing it. Just ask forgiveness from Allah (S.W.T) sincerely and In Sha Allah; Allah (S.W.T) will forgive you as you have committed this sin in ignorance.

But your second sin is severe and you have done it in your full conscious without the element of ignorance. And Islam has described a punishment regarding this sin and I think you will not like my answer regarding your this question as many people here didn't like it especially who have committed.

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Allah is able to do all things. If you stay faithful to him, do you think he would trick you into unknowingly eating pork? What if it just tasted like "pork" and really He supernaturally replaced it with some kind of Halal meat? Allah knows what you don't know.

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The way of your words are sooooo familiar. Are you only hope????

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