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I need my average to miraculously increase from 70 to 90 in lass than 2 week i don't feel like i've done anything that great for God to help me i don't know what to do i feel like such a disappointment to my family if i don't get it that high i'm gonna be in trouble

i didn't learn how to pray yet

what can i do please help

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Am not sure I understand what u'r saying. About prayer register yourself in an Islamic Center.

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i mean that i don't know how to pray what else can i do

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Register yourself in an Islamic School

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you start to go mosque. when they are praying stay in the back line and do the same what ever they are doing. try to get some books to learn recitation or tell your problem to the (imam) (scholar) in the mosque without hesitate. he will help you.

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Assalamu 'alaykum wa ra'hmatullah . Brother , if you don't offer fardh salat , then it's unlikely that you will get any help from Allah . If you want , you can follow my advice - 1 . First of all , if you don't know shahada yet , please recite " LAA ILAHA ILLALLAHU MU'HAMMADUR RASULULLAH ( SAWLLALLAHU 'ALAYHI WA SALLAM ) 2 . Now visit these links and listen to what these say

after you learn about these things , then act upon it ( ex . Offer salah , fast ) 3 . Now repent to Allah sincierly . Shed a lot of tears . 4 . Join a masjid , talk to the imam , learn about islam , and act upon it . 5 . For a good result : i doubt that you will get a good result by just praying . Your grades depend on the way you tackled your exam . However , you can try this 'amal and it might help you a lot . On a sunday evening , after the maghrib prayer, before the waqt of 'ishaa , pray 20 raka'ats of nawfil prayers by praying 2 raka'ats at a time . You have to say sura fatiha x1 , sura ikhlas x50 , sura falaq x1 , sura naas x1 in each raka'at . After completing the nawfil prayer , say istighfar one hundred times , and duroode- mahi one hundred times. Then do du'a sincierly . Durrode-mahi :"ALLAHUMMA SAWLLI 'ALAA SAIYYDINA MU'HAMMADIN KHAIRUL KHALAIQI AFDHALUL BASHARI SHAFI'IL UMMATIN YAWMAL 'HASHRI WANNASHRI SAIYYDINA MU'HAMMADIM BI 'ADAADI KULLI MA'LUMILLAKA WA SAWLLI 'ALAA JAMI'IL AMBIAII WAL MURSALINA WAL MALA-IKATIL MUQARRABINA WA 'IBADILLAHIS SAWLIHINA WARHAMNA MA'AAHUM , BIRA'HMATIKA YAA AR'HAMAR RA'HIMIN "


i tried this 'amal after an exam and i got a very good result . It might not work always , but it is a very good 'amal for gaining sawab. I , the sinner , pray to Allah that may he enable me and you and us to pass every kind of tests in this world and in the world hereafter , may he forgive us and show us the true path . AMEEN

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