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Selam aleykum. I am married but i did a mistake in my life that i cant stop asking allah forgive me for that. I am married for nearly 3 or 4 years. I was not strong muslim and my wife even tried her best i was still i lier and doing bad things. And last 2 years she was cold to me so i just did a mistake i met a girl from an other place and i met her alive. I hugged and did kissing with her but no sexual intercourse. And my wife foound out about it and she decided to divorce me. But i love her so much that i really do not want to her to divorce me because i know she is my bridge to jannatul firdaws. And we have a daughter nearly 2 years old. So please annyone who has proofs and informations that can assist on this please do answer me what shall be done ?! I really do not want her to divorce me. Even she has given many chances to me i still want the last one because i will not missuse it i will not brake it this time because now elhamdulilah i am really working hard i can on changing. I lied to her about being with that girl also because i felt like i had to hide it from my wife to not hurt her because i knew already what i did but was a bit late. And now she knows everything and she wants to divorce me. Is there any chance i can save this marriage according to islam?

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I dont know how to do this islamicly but from a muslim brother to an other muslim brother and would tell you that you should, start with doing all your prayers, read the noble quran, and she will see that you have changed and will forgive you inshAllah. Try speaking like a muslim aswell, with a nice language that shows her that you have changed. inshAllah she will forgive you, and remove all you communcation with the other girl.

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