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I visited Dubai on a stopover of 22 hours and paid a lot of money for a visa to do some site seeing for the time we were waiting for our next flight. It was Ramadan and we did not know it, We were not allowed to eat or drink anything in public and were treated like trash by locals. How can this happen in a country like this. Please explain.

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It's unfortunate that you didn't know it was the month of Ramadan and you shouldn't have been treated bad either. However, during Ramadan, even those that do not fast (Women during their menstrual cycle, people who are sick, travelers, etc) are not supposed to eat/drink in front of those who are fasting. This is probably why you were forbidden to do so in public. Take into consideration that you were visiting a middle eastern country. Regardless of the fact that it's a tourist country and you paid a lot of money, the fact is Ramadan is a holy month to Muslims. To make you better understand without getting angry...Picture a person practicing lent. Perhaps they gave up chocolate for lent. Then comes a person indulging in chocolate right in front of them. Some may say its a form of teasing or ignorance. Out of respect, you wouldn't do that right? Same applies to a Muslim person fasting. however, Dubai is a Muslim country where majority fast...Hope this helps.

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Muslim are jealous on God.

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Islam is moderate and never accepts that we mistreat non muslims but we must show them the right path and give them their rights when they live among us, but never treat them as brothers only when they become muslims. Muslim have to respect the charter given to them by the law of Allah. But if they betray the charter muslims have to fight them.

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