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when i went to toilet.. urine passage continuos for a long i want to be stay there for a long when am bussy i cant be stay der.. Soo i cant pray for allah in some occations.. Wot i do..??

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bt i think it is najas.. Is it...?

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but some cum also come like urine

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is it cloudy? and does it spray out? if its cloudy and doesnt spray out like sperm does it might not be sperm. i had the same problem and i read that you have to wash your private part after the cloudy stuff left your penis

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I once read that if youre having problems with urin always coming out so youre unpure all the time, you must make wudhu after before every prayer and that you should put something infront of the pants youre praying with so pee wont come on them. Im not really sure its exacly like ive told you but i think its like this, i have the same problem as you. sometimes urin will come out evan hours after i peed. And im solving it by making wudhu before every prayer.

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I think it's a waswasa from satan . Why do you have to stay in the toilet so long ? Remember , fardh salats should be prayed at any cost . Even people who are sick haven't been given the right to stop the fardh salat . Are you a male or a female ? You should have explained your problem with more details . If you are a male , learn to do istibra . It is a process which stops the passage of urine through the penis quickly . Here's a link which explains istibra with details .

After you do istibra attain tahara by wiping the mouth of the penis with a toilet paper . Then wash the penis . After wudhu , you should have no problem praying . And if you are a female , as far as i know that females do not need much time in urinating , so the question doesn't make sense . If you want me to answer your question correctly , please provide more details .

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