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Okee , i just want to share my article . i'm blogger from indonesia . first i just say " sorry for bad my english leaugage " oke , this is technique for open the innier eye in islam .. enjoyy :)

On this occasion I would like to share tips on troubleshooting inner eyes open, lol ngeriiww Although ane've never tried it (because of fear and not ready) Feedback boy hehehe ... but ane dapet troubleshooting tips from the masters who've berhasiill, WOW (while standing aplause)

The key to success is quite simple, upright and ready to take risks that will sgala failure by * eits increasingly horrified wrote nihh.

Okee .. immediately wrote ane you know some way for your inner eyes open, Ganbate .. smoga successfully * yeeee!

step 1

=== Opening Paragraph view Invisibility following verse is very powerful to open the eyes of the human mind that will open her magical sight that had closed. Says Priest Shaykh Muhyiddin Al Araby "Whoever reads the verse kursyi (Al-Baqarah: 255) as much as 1000x (thousand) times a day and constantly read up to 40 days. For the sake of God and for the truth of Al Quran, will be opened to view it unseen spiritual people, so come angel visited the readers. And will manage any purpose of his life and answered every desire as a leader / magnifier. ===

step 2

=== -Prayer past .... -After prayers Read Alfatihah 3x, AlIkhlas 3x, 3x Annas, Al Falaq 3x Truss read Alfatihah whatever you like .... Because her key was alfatihah (Opening) << must understand ... -Do it every day -then Dzikir (Lailahaillawlah,, muhammadarrasulullah), if one week ... you have meditation ===

step 3

  1. Prayer lavatory before midnight (abdul over again if Friday night), ask God tuk tuk to see supernatural creatures add our faith. After that ...
  2. Read asthma Al Batinu (The mighty unseen) and Al Alimu (Yg omniscience). How read "Ya Ya Batinu Alimu" 100 x.
  3. Furthermore Yes Yes Alimu Batinu is 100 x each finished praying.

So first open the inner eye deh tips from ane, Myspace if there are tricks that can ane share new hope again, cmiww. ane ingetinn skali okay again, the key cuman one ... sgala ihklass God for whatever was going to happen .. so first deh gan ane hope of beneficial yaa.

Wassalamualaikum wr.wb

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Salaam alaykum, please always support your article with hadiths. Thank you for sharing your 'view'.

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Hmmm I am not sure about this information. Anyone else? Moderators??

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