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Me and my wife were having some problems so my mom told me to divorce her and other family members also pushed me so hard to divorce her, though i never wanted to divorce her but unwillingly i send her an email writing three times that i divorce you, after that my wife called me begging for forgiveness and asking for one more chance but my mom and her sister told me not to forgive her, My aunt wanted to marry her daughter with me, so they opposed me and told me you're divorced already and you cannot do anything, i was mentally tortured so i replied to my wife 2 times on phone, I already have divorced you and I divorce you again I cannot do anything don't call me, now I want to know if my wife is divorced or we can live together?

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Assalamu alaikum brother.. I am not married yet but i know that You are doing a grave mistake, You divorce your wife because your mum and sister doesn't like her!? Its a covenant you made with Allah SWT or with your sister and Mother? Please brother do have your own insight on things happening around you.. The email with the message i divorce you 3 times means nothing. Allah or his Prophet never said that you can divorce like this. Please read Surah Al-Talaq (65) and also in Sura Baqra 2:229-234. The answer is there in The Quran. I admit that the Talaq is said 3 times for a divorce to complete but not like this there is a time frame between 3 talaqs inbetween them if you both reunite then its ok Allah SWT know the best. Allah is the most merciful brother what you've done is not a valid talaq. In sha allah.. May Allah guides you and your family in the right path. We differ from other creatures in various ways brother some of them are the 6th sense and the ability to contemplate and analyze.. Love your wife, provide her with food, clothing, care and affection. In sh Allah I will include you in my Duas. He the Almighty knows the best.

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i dont really remember but i think that youre allowed to marry her after you divorce her once but youre not allowed to marry her again if you divore twice. may Allah forgive me if im wrong.

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As per me,you r not Divorced because u were not willing to give divorce to ur depends upon ur heart.. Allah {S.w.t} knows best.

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Is writing that in an E-mail really a "formal" divorce? Come on now, it seems like you are just trying to waste people's time on this website.

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what advice do u want after which u hv said why didnt u ask b4 u divorced her? u dont hv anything in common on marriage in islam u've divorced her bt it's one if u said it thrice once so on or b4 3 months u can bring her back bt if u hv divorced her twice b4 she must get married then u can remarry her.

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